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Did you know that about 32.25 million homes in the United States use electricity as their only energy source? If you live in one of these households, you probably have switch power cords to transmit electrical power. To avoid electrical fires and other electricity-related incidents, you should learn electrical safety, which includes how to use your switch power code properly.  

If you don’t know where to start, this article is for you. Below, we will explore seven tried and tested methods to safely use and maintain your switch power cord. Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?  

1. Keep it Away From Foot Traffic  

If you’re looking to make the most out of your switch power cord without exposing your loved ones or employees to any danger, we suggest you keep it away from foot traffic. One of the reasons this is essential is that it prevents tripping, which could lead to injuries like burns, cuts, and sprains.  

The second reason you should keep your switch power cord out of the path of foot traffic is it could lead to damage. This usually happens when you extend or overstretch it as you move. As a result, you might need to replace the power cord sooner than anticipated, ruining your monthly or weekly budget.  

2. Don’t Use Tape to Repair Cuts  

Although most people use duct tape to repair cuts or damage on the switch power cords, refrain from it as it might damage the cable. That typically happens when you use tape that is so thick that it changes the switch power cord’s flexibility. As a result, the cable might stop working, prompting you to replace it with a new one.  

Furthermore, using duct tape on a switch power code is unsafe because it can create a fire hazard, especially when you don’t apply it correctly. Besides, the tape will likely degrade, exposing the cable’s wires again.  

Another good reason duck tape is a definite no-no for repairing switch power cords is it attracts debris, making the cord look unappealing and more challenging to handle.  

3. Avoid Placing Switch Power Cords Under Rugs  

We don’t propose running your switch power code under rugs or carpets because it could result in a fire. Usually, switch power cords generate heat while in use. When you cover them with rugs, it becomes harder for them to release the heat, posing a fire hazard.  

Additionally, placing your switch power code under your carpet hides it from your view. Consequently, it’s much easier for you to step on it and damage it, preventing it from functioning properly.  

4. Store Switch Power Cords Properly   

Another safety measure to observe when using your switch power cord is proper storage. For starters, you should never leave the cable plugged in unattended or lying on the floor, whether you’re just taking a quick nap or stepping out for a run. This is because they pose a fire risk and can damage your property and cause electrical injuries.  

So, how should you store your switch power cord when you’re not using them? We recommend bunching them together. This not only achieves a neater look but also prevents them from tangling. What’s more, creating a coil shape minimizes tripping hazards, meaning the cable could last longer due to reduced damage, and your loved ones will be safe.  

If you are traveling, storing your switch power cord properly is still essential to avoid damage. Thankfully, there are various ways to do that. For instance, coil the cable and place it in a box or a zippered pouch. Alternatively, use a clip to wrap the switch power cord.  

5. Avoid Water or Areas Near It  

Our next switch power cord maintenance tip keeps your cable away from water. The thing is, water and electricity are not close pals because the former is a conductor. Therefore, ensuring your power cable never comes into contact with water keeps problems like appliance damage and electrocution at bay.  

Note that electrocution is not something you should take lightly. Statistics indicate that about 30,000 non-fatal shock incidents are reported in the US annually. Unfortunately, surviving an electrical shock doesn’t mean you’re left unscathed. The incident could damage your nervous system, triggering symptoms like tingling, numbness, pain, and difficulty moving your limbs.  

What’s worse, electrocution can burn your internal tissues and even cause your heart to stop, eventually leading to your demise. In fact, electrical injuries account for up to 1,000 deaths in the US yearly.  

6. Keep Switch Power Cords Away From Kids  

Ensuring your little ones don’t play with your switch power cord is a great idea to protect them and lengthen the life of your cable. Here’s why. To begin with, when kids tug at the switch power cord, they weaken the insulation, increasing the chances of the cable causing a fire.  

Again, toddlers can easily and unknowingly strangle each other with switch power cords. And note that these power cables don’t threaten the lives of younger kids alone. Older children may use switch power cords to play the choking game, where they use the cables to throttle themselves until they pass out.  

On top of that, children may damage your switch power cord and plug it in while it’s frayed. When the wire smolders, it will carbon monoxide, which is bad for their health as it can cause drowsiness and headaches.  

7. Inspect the Switch Power Cord Regularly  

Sometimes, regular inspection is the key to maintaining your switch power cord and using it for years. Examining the cables before plugging them in enables you to identify problems that could pose fire hazards and cost you more money in the long run.  

At the same time, regularly checking your switch power cord allows you to take the required steps to lengthen the cable’s life and use it safely. For instance, you can prevent it from tangling and wipe the dust off, ensuring it looks neat.  

Bottom Line 

With these seven practical tips, using and caring for your switch power cord should be a breeze. That enables you to keep your property safe and loved ones out of harm’s way, improving their quality of life. On top of that, you can use your power cable for up to three decades. This eliminates the need to replace it after only a few months, enabling you to save a few bucks.  

In addition, don’t limit yourself to these electrical safety tips alone. You can use many others to prevent damage from your switch power code while maximizing electrical safety at home or the office. For example, being mindful of weather conditions is advisable. Never plug your power cable into the socket when it’s raining, as it might present a fire hazard.  


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