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Investments in gold, watches, stocks, and cryptocurrency have been the trend most investors are looking for. In line with this trend, colored gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emerald stones have emerged as a promising approach for investment. 

Compared to traditional investment in natural diamonds, colored gems are seeking substantial growth. The reason behind the rising gemstone prices (for instance, the panna stone price hike) includes increased consumption, reduced supply, and the high prices of natural diamonds. 

Let’s get a brief about these factors:

  • Increased Consumption of colored gemstones 

The US was the sole source of colored gemstones a decade ago. In 2023, gemstone purchase from other countries (one of them being India) has increased. This shift has affected the prices of the colored gemstones.

  • Reduce supply, increasing rarity

It is a matter of fact that the decline in mines has affected the supply of these precious stones. For instance, the natural emerald stone from the mines of Colombia, rubies from Burma mines, and sapphires from Kashmir are on the verge of depletion. 

The reduced supply of these stones has led to an increase in their rarity. So, now we can understand why the price of the original Colombian panna stone is high. 

  • Price variation in diamonds 

Natural diamonds are high in price due to their reduced supply. However, people are getting inclined towards the purchase of lab-grown diamonds as they exhibit the same look as their natural counterparts but differ in price. 

  • Consumer tastes and preference 

In this contemporary fashion, individuals are celebrating uniqueness. Traditionally, where diamonds were (though even today) considered the most loved gems for engagement and wedding rings, colored gemstones have taken the front seat. 

The emerald engagement rings are in trend for the exclusive color of the stone. So, colors are new fashion!

Is Panna Stone a good investment?

Yes, for investment purposes, emeralds are the perfect stone one can think of. There are many reasons why this gemstone is preferred over others:

  • The Exclusive color 

The fantastic color of the original panna stone is the main reason for investing. The stunning color of this precious gem is not found in any other stones. These stones come in various hues ranging from pale green to vivid green, making them fit for any jewelry type. 

The beautiful green color of these beryl stones is due to the presence of vanadium and chromium. The Colombian panna stone price is high due to the transparency and vivid color of the stone. Investing in such rare gems is worth it as their production is limited. 

  • The cost of natural pure green emeralds 

The original emerald stone price in India varies from INR 800 to INR 2 lakhs. The variation in these prices is due to intense color and high clarity. 

Pure green genuine emeralds are worth investing in for their rarity and exclusivity. 

Though each gemstone has its benefits, panna stones are preferred for their astrological benefits, such as offering success, wealth, and prosperity. 

Emerald stone jewelry with real green beryl is a good source of investment. This beautiful adornment is considered a piece of heirloom jewelry that can be passed on to generations. Moreover, the symbolism of these gems amplifies the grace of the jewelry. 

  • The versatility of these green-hued gemstones

There is no second opinion that diamonds have always been cherished for their versatility. With a contemporary and modern look, colors are becoming in fashion, and so are the colored gemstones. Like diamonds, even precious or semi-precious stones show their versatility by matching outfits.   

Is it worth investing in precious gems? Precious gemstones like natural green emeralds are worth investing in as they are the rare wonders of nature. These stones will retain value with time and are unaffected by changing trends and purchasing power.

  • Green beryls and Diamonds 

Genuine Green Panna stone price may be higher when compared to diamonds. There might be various reasons for the same. Though natural diamonds are also rare owing to the depleting mines, green beryls are taking up the charge. 

Finding natural green beryl emeralds is difficult due to the restricted mines, making these even rarer. 


These precious stones, with their rich green hue and rarity, can be a good investment, particularly for those versed in gemstone quality factors. Their value tends to remain stable, and high-quality pieces can appreciate over time, often outpacing inflation.

 However, the market for emeralds is narrower than for diamonds or gold, making liquidity a potential issue. Investment in panna gemstones is best suited for those passionate about colored gemstones and the patience for long-term gains. 

Diversifying with different gem types could mitigate risk. As with all investments, thorough research and expert advice are crucial before committing funds to emeralds.


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