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Abu Dhabi 

The well-known Hindu tradition is now spreading to Arab countries. Yes, the news is out, and the deserts of Abu Dhabi are about to be painted in saffron. People worldwide are about to witness a historical moment as the first-ever Hindu temple opens its gates for worshipers. The BAPS, a Hindu mand in Abu Dhabi symbolizing harmony and friendship between two countries, is all set for the inauguration of this Abu Dhabi Hindu Temple. As you enter Abu Dhabi, surrounded by sandy hills, you’ll notice a building that might seem unusual at first. However, as you approach, you’ll discover a remarkable piece of architecture that captivates your attention.

It is not just any temple; it carries many wonderful facts with itself, and in the blog, we will be exploring some of those. So, keep reading!

BPS Hindu Mandir, Abu Dhabi 

Abu Dhabi 

Before we discuss the beautiful BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi, we think it’s essential to start from the beginning. Let’s talk a little about BAPS and its history! BAPS is a spiritual group with its base in the Vedas. BAPS has been in Arab cities promoting harmony and friendship

The glorious Baps Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi is made up of marble and pink sandstones and is inspired by the Rajasthani and Gujarati styles of design. The sculpture work is taken from Vedic architecture, and many statues are made by artisans from India and then shipped to Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi mandir is not just any Hindu temple; it is about cultural exchange and the intermingling of two nations in the middle of the desert.

All you need to know about the BAPS Hindu Mandir 

Now that you know when and why the UAE Hindu Temple is opening, there are some more interesting facts you must know about this Abu Dhabi mandir! We have listed everything you should know about this BAPS Hindu mandir in this segment. 

  • It is the very first traditionally made Hindu stone temple in the Eastern Mediterranean. Moreover, to be more specific, it is the UAE’s first temple.
  • The temple has seven spires, made especially for each Emirate of the UAE, and the main area covers a visitor center, prayer halls, thematic gardens, learning areas, and a lot more.
  • The work for The Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir started in 2017 and P.M. Narendra Modi was the one who kickstarted it during his visit to the city
  • To keep the Baps Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi safe from earthquakes and other hazards, the base has over 100 Sensors and for extra safety, additional sensors are installed throughout the structure
  • As magnificent as this structure, it cost over 400 million UAE currency to make it all up and stand on its feet.

BAPS Hindu temple to be inaugurated by PM Modi

Abu Dhabi 

The Abu Dhabi Hindu Mandir will be inaugurated on February 14th, this year, by Indian leader P.M. Narendra Modi While many of us would be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our loved ones, the Hindus will be marking this day as The opening of the first Hindu Temple in the UAE. The Festivities named the Festival of Harmony will kick off on February 10th Many local Indian communities, famous personalities, etc. will be participating in the celebration. The BAPS Temple Abu Dhabi’s opening itself will have a grand, two-hour-long ceremony.  Many local Indian communities, famous personalities, etc. will be participating in the celebration. The BAPS Temple Abu Dhabi’s opening itself will have a grand, two-hour-long ceremony.

Mr. Narendra Modi agreed to open the Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi for a particular purpose. The temple’s story began in 2015, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the UAE and received a gift of 17 acres of land along the Dubai-Abu Dhabi Highway from the country’s leader. In 2017, during his second visit, PM Modi laid the foundation stone for the first Hindu temple in the desert.

A Lotus in the Desert of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 

Get ready for a big moment in history! Starting on February 14th, 2024, people can visit and pray at the Baps Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi, after it has been under construction since 2017. This temple is really special, more than just your average Hindu temple. It is the first and biggest one ever made in the Middle East. Moreover, it is a symbol of harmony, friendship, and the intervention of culture between the two countries. Something Indian and Arab have the backstory of. The temple will be taken care of by the BAPS, which is well-known for promoting Vedic culture in Arab countries. 

If you are planning to visit the city for the Hindu Temple or just to have fun on rides at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, we’ll be ready to be your lovely guide. Your wish to have the most mesmerizing experience in Abu Dhabi is about to come true, with the best agency out there! NextHolidays ensures you have a trip like never before! 


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