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Scale Microgrid Solutions involves a team of experts who provide energy solutions that move businesses forward with affordable, sustainable and reliable power. The organisation combines deep energy expertise and institutional capital to break down barriers and make distributed and renewable energy systems accessible to all.

Apart from this, Scale Microgrid is also known for its incredible workplace that provides a positive environment to all its team members. The hard-working team helps businesses take charge of their energy and transform it for the better. The employees correlate to the organisation’s purpose and work together to improve the world. So, review the sections below to understand more about how Scale Microgrid Solutions operates and creates a positive work environment and culture.

What Does Scale Microgrid Do?

Scale Microgrid Solutions produces battery storage, optimised solar, and dispatchable generation microgrids that save you an average of 10-15% of annual energy expenses. The organisation’s platform is an integrated microgrid space with the expertise to finance, design, build, maintain, and operate distributed energy projects.

The organisation relies on its team’s experience and expansive knowledge of the energy markets to maximise its savings and identify efficiencies. Scale Microgrid helps businesses take charge of their energy, and you can become a part of its impactful team and experience its inclusive work culture.

How Does Scale Microgrid Solutions Build a Healthy Work Environment?

Making and maintaining a healthy work culture and environment needs a good strategy, and below are some of the practices implemented by Scale Microgrid Solutions to ensure a good workspace that motivates its members daily.

●      Turns Values into Action

Scale Microgrid is one of the organisations that practise what they preach and implement their compelling values in their work. The company has great cultural values that align with innovative strategies, boosting its growth. It attracts several people, allowing them to take leadership and establish specific standards for conducting business in every way.

●      Encourages Open Communication

Scale Microgrid Solutions ensures everyone feels comfortable communicating with their colleagues and seniors. They share their ideas and concerns openly through regular team meetings, which allows all the team members to share their thoughts. Apart from these meetings, one-on-one discussions let the employees communicate their doubts and queries without stressing retaliation.

●      Creates a Positive Work-Life Balance

Scale Microgrid ensures that its employees can take time outside of work. That includes a lot of paid time off and other incentives that permit members to work flexibly. It allows the employees to clock off by the hour and leave home on time. Scale Microgrid Solutions encourages employees to prioritise their work and personal life together.

●      Promotes Inclusivity

Scale Microgrid creates an inclusive work environment, prioritising community and workplace connections. Inclusivity helps the organisation get the best from their talents and make teams that include diverse and dedicated workers. It also creates a healthy culture and practices that encourage open communication about the team members’ cultural backgrounds. It focuses on building a work environment where everyone is comfortable with each other and is motivated to perform their best in Small Business.

●      Breaktime Areas

Scale Microgrid Solutions prioritises employee well-being. They have created designated break areas that are conducive to recovery and rest. Their break room has coffee machines and snacks that help the members destress and energise. The break time areas are also used for socialisation, allowing people to mingle and create unbreakable bonds in the workspace.

●      Prioritising and Scheduling the Goals

Scale Microgrids focuses on its commitments and aligns them with its planning process. The management ensures that every goal is planned and scheduled properly so that the departments are not overwhelmed with the workload. It also aims to complete its projects by the deadline without jeopardising anyone’s time.

●      Professional Development and Growth

Scale Microgrids Solutions motivates professional development and growth in every way possible. It provides learning and skill development opportunities, establishes mentorship, and takes initiative in career advancement. The organisation establishes promotion pathways and clear performance criteria based on its employees’ potential, achievements, and skills. The organisation regularly conducts training workshops and programs that enhance its team members’ skills, competencies, and knowledge of the subject.


Creating a healthy work culture connects directly to increased productivity. Scale Microgrid Solutions team members are active and always on top of their projects because of their healthy work environment. Moreover, you can share your feedback with the management whenever you want. The organisation, in turn, considers the suggestions seriously and acts on them immediately. Such a practice inhibits loyalty among its employees, which keeps them loyal to the organisation.

You can also be part of such a team by browsing through its vacant roles and applying for them. That allows you to be a part of the company and enjoy the camaraderie of working with the industry’s most talented and hardworking people.


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