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Types and Benefits of Bollard

Bollards Explained:

Bollard is not a common term, and many people need help understanding or recognizing this term. However, this product is prevalent, and we see it in daily life in different locations. Here we Bollards Explained The decorative benefits of a bollard is another type used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a specific location or building.

Bollards are used for many different purposes in different locations. That is why they come in many variations depending on the requirements. The most popular use of them can be seen on the roads. They are installed in high-traffic areas to manage and control the traffic. Moreover, they are also used along roads for pedestrian safety. They are also placed outside parking lots to provide safety for vehicles.

Types of Bollards:

As mentioned above, bollards come in many types depending upon the requirements of a particular place or customer. They are made of different materials with variable shapes, sizes, colors, etc., to fulfill installation requirements of different places.

Some types of bollards are explained below.

Crash Resistant Bollards:

They are also known as anti-ram. They are designed and tested uniquely to provide safety and security against crashes. We are tested to check their ability to provide safety against vehicle collisions. Many public and private sector companies install outside or inside their building to provide safety for pedestrians and the security of their buildings.

Non-Crash Resistant Bollards:

Some bollards are installed for guidance purposes only. They are used to guide the traffic towards a particular road or to restrict them from entering a specific area. These types of are not made of heavy material because they are not made to withstand a collision. Their essential purpose is to guide the traffic only. That is why they are known as non-crash-resistant bollards.

They are also used as visual barriers to warn the traffic that a particular area is not open or accessible to everyone. In this way, they provide security for the buildings and the vehicles.

Retractable Bollards:

Retractable bollards are also known as removable. They are available in both crash-rated and non-crash-resistant. The primary purpose of these types of is to provide flexibility to the owner. The owner can customize how he provides vehicle access on his property.

Retractable bollards have a mechanism that can be easily lifted from the ground when not in use and placed back when you want to restrict access. For example, in the case of an event, the barriers are placed to restrict access in a certain way, and after the event is finished, the are removed and can be stored away easily.

Fixed Bollards:

As it was evident from the name, a fixed bollard is a type fixed in the ground. They are installed at places where you want security for the long term. The benefit of fixed is that they do not need to be moved from one place to another because they are fixed in the ground. Moreover, they are made of strong and sturdy material, lasting longer than other bollards.

Decorative Bollards:

A decorative bollard is another type of bollard used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a specific location or building. They are made in customized designs and colors to match the architecture or surroundings of a building or structure. For example, wooden are placed in parks to match the surrounding scenery.

Decorative bollards are also made of aluminum and plastic because they are lightweight. They are easy to install, corrosion-free, cost-effective, and last longer.

Benefits of Bollards:    

Benefits of Bollards

Safety for passer By:

One of the main advantages of installing security posts and bollards along roadsides is that they provide safety for people passing by. They are a barrier and hindrance so that people do not get hit by vehicles. They work as a visual and a physical barrier so drivers become alert and do not collide with people or other vehicles.

These bollards are usually placed along roadsides to make footpaths safe from vehicular interference. Similarly, they are also installed on roads to separate lanes. In this way, traffic can be managed in a much better way.    

Safety for Vehicles:

Metallic bollards are made of heavy materials to provide a substantial barrier against collision. In this way, act as barriers for vehicles so that they will not enter restricted places.

Bollards are placed in a specialized line or with some gaps to provide a transparent visual barrier for drivers. Bollards also protect people in case of heavy collisions or accidents, etc.    

Decorative Purposes:

Bollards are also used for decorative purposes. They are installed at different locations to enhance the aesthetic appeal or appearance of a place or building.

Decorative bollards are mostly made of plastic, wood, or aluminum. They can be made in customized designs and colors. They are easy to install and cost-effective as well.    

Environment Friendly:

Concrete and PVC bollards are eco-friendly because they do not harm the environment and prevent deforestation. These materials are durable and last longer. That is why they are less expensive to consider than other options. Other point is that they do not need deep excavation for installation, so they are not harmful to the environment.

Less Expensive:

Another advantage is that they are less expensive than other options. They have less maintenance and installation costs that help, making them less expensive. They are made in simple designs to be installed without concrete or asphalt easily. Moreover, they are corrosion free and do not rust over time, which helps to reduce the overall cost.

Final words:

Bollards are a great option when you need to make a setup for vehicular and pedestrian safety. Moreover, they also provide safety for buildings, malls, etc. They are a handy product for traffic control and management as well. 


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