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Women who are conceiving for more than one time often have common doubts about the possibility of vaginal birth after C-section delivery. The vaginal birth success rate after cesarean delivery is over 60% worldwide. You may consult the best Gynecologist in Gurgaon to discuss the specific risks of each delivery method before giving birth. 

Opting for vaginal birth after cesarean surgery or VBAC has both benefits and its share of risks. Vaginal birth needs less time to recover without any specific incision. But at the same time, VBAC may not be safe for all intended mothers. Know why! 

What is meant by Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Delivery?

VBAC is a birth procedure where the conceiving mothers give birth through their vagina after previously giving birth by C-section. A Cesarean delivery means making a surgical cut or incision through the mother’s belly and then through the uterus. In the C-section, the baby is delivered through the incision. 

Who Can Have a VBAC According to the Gynecologist in Gurgaon?

The top Gynecologist in Gurgaon asserts that the chances of having a successful VBAC are stronger if you had a vaginal birth before. Other than that, obstetricians consider VBAC in conditions like- 

● You had a single c-section in the past with a bikini cut or low transverse incision. 

● If the cut was side-to-side and commonly at the lower side of the uterus. 

● Both mother and baby were healthy during the natal period without any problematic signs of pregnancy

● The labor pain is natural just before or on time of the due date. 

● There are at least 18 months between your last conception and the present conception. This period is known as a short inter-pregnancy interval. 

● Your baby has a normal body weight. 

● If your age is not more than 40 years. 

● You are not carrying multiple babies (triplets or a higher number of multiples). 

Reasons for Having a VBAC

If you currently have healthier signs of pregnancy and do not have any complicated medical history of conception, VBAC can be beneficial for you. 

● Vaginal birth involves no need for any incision or surgery. 

● You won’t have to face blood loss along with a shorter recovery time. 

● Lesser risks of complications, including infections and unexpected cesarean cuts. You are less likely to confront problems like placenta accrete. 

● Those planning for multiple pregnancies should go for vaginal birth. VBAC has lesser risks from repeated surgeries, which can cause injuries or scars to the bladder and bowels. 

● Those who want to experience vaginal delivery may have VBAC. 

Is There Any Risk of Having a VBAC?

Regardless of the possibility of having a healthy childbirth with VBAC, a reputed gynecologist in Gurgaon might not be ignorant of risk factors. Expecting mothers who have failed trials of labor after cesarean delivery often show life-threatening complications. These can be in the form of uterine rupture, severe infection, and blood loss. Uterine rupture is quite rare but is risky for the life of both the mother and the unborn baby. 

Nearly 1 to 2% of women across the world have experienced uterine rupture because the cesarean scar of the uterus breaks open. The gynecologist in Gurgaon has asserted that extreme treatment possibilities for uterine rupture. The intended mothers may have to consent to the surgical removal of the uterus, clinically known as hysterectomy. Patients undergoing hysterectomy lose the chance of conceiving again in the future. 


Are labor and delivery during VBAC any different from labor and delivery during regular vaginal birth? 

Intended mothers choosing vaginal birth after cesarean when going into labor follow a similar process to that of any vaginal delivery. However, the best gynecologist in Gurgaon believes in preventive measures and prescribes continuous monitoring of the mother’s health and the baby’s heart rate. Doctors might be ready to perform repeated c-sections if an unexpected complication arises. 

Final Words

Therefore, childbirth through VBAC is possible, and the success rates are quite high. However, to avoid the risk factors, it’s safer to consult your gynecologist in Gurgaon on the first prenatal visit itself. The doctors have recommended the conceiving mothers have a flexible mindset as situations may arise for the need for a c-section.


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