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It’s no secret that companies are always trying to get more people, but how do they do it? Odoo ERP is a type of software that can help a company run its daily tasks more quickly and efficiently through a certain system. 

This kind of software gives companies an edge over their competitors by helping them in many areas, such as by saving them time and money, giving them knowledge to help them make better choices, and opening up better opportunities for finance, marketing, and sales, among other things! Odoo ERP is a great way to offer a wide range of goods and services and share information between multiple apps that are tied together.

How Odoo ERP Came to Be

It’s important to understand how important the Odoo ERP software system is before we talk about how it can help your business and help you make smart choices based on data from different parts of your company. An ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning system, can help a business run some of its processes more effectively and efficiently. An ERP can bring together many tools, such as:

  • Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • And much more!

All of these different groups may be able to work together better with an ERP system, which could help your company save time and money. What does an ERP system do to give a business an edge over its competitors and save them time and money? 

An ERP system is a type of technology that can share information about your business with different parts of your business. The database will be used by all of your teams, which will make working together easier and faster. This software can not only help teams talk to each other, but it can also help you keep track of all the resources that come and go from your business, like cash, raw materials, manufacturing, and even purchase orders and wages.

What makes Odoo ERP different from other ERPs, though? Fabien Pinckaers, founder and CEO of Odoo, set the difficult goal in 2005 of making an open-source ERP that companies all over the world could use. He started a company that was officially named OpenERP. It started out as a service business but later grew into a corporation that sold software in more than one hundred countries. Pinckaers added more features to his program than just sales, budgeting, and inventory management. Because of what he found, new markets opened up, which led to CMS and eCommerce. 

The company changed its name and product from OpenERP to Odoo ERP because of his work on the new, unique software. Enterprise Resource Planning was no longer just for sales, budgeting, and inventory when it came to handling specific business tasks. Suddenly, they can do things like marketing, business, HR, and a lot more! When you use Odoo ERP for your business, you can do almost anything and get a lot of benefits.

Odoo ERP Pros and Cons and Features

Odoo ERP is very powerful software, and there are many benefits and features that will help your business or group if you use it. Here are some of the benefits for your business of using open-source tools like Odoo ERP:

  • Steps to cut costs
  • Changing things
  • Simple joining together
  • Easy to put into action

One stop shop for all your business management needs is Odoo ERP, which can be used locally or in the cloud. One big reason people like Odoo is that you can change the software to fit the needs of your business. You can always go back to the flexible layout you first got and change it. One example would be starting with the basics of sales, budgeting, and managing supplies. Then you could add marketing or payroll. The process is easy, and if you hire Confianz’s dedicated professionals to help you with it, we can promise that it will be finished quickly and correctly, so you can get back to work!

It’s not just the benefits of using Odoo ERP for your business that people talk about when they talk about this really great software. Utilizing Odoo ERP’s benefits is great for running your business; it can save you time and money and also make you feel less stressed. Following are some of the features that Odoo ERP gives to businesses that use it:

  • We do reporting and data. You can make your own report in Odoo ERP to help you see your business data.
  • Dependable and good performance. The tool is meant to handle large amounts of work quickly and effectively.
  • A lot of different uses. Once you install Odoo ERP, you can use many different apps that can assist you in running your business no matter what.
  • Simple to use. Businesses and companies can easily run their operations with Odoo ERP because it was designed to make that possible. If you aren’t familiar with the latest technology changes to the app, Odoo ERP is still a pretty easy tool to use.

There are many benefits and features of Odoo ERP that can help your business or group hit new heights. Every business owner, no matter how skilled they are or how new they are to running a business, can benefit from Odoo ERP. 

Odoo Erp from Confianz Can Help You Run Your Business Better

When you run a business, it can be hard to keep track of all of your areas at once, but it doesn’t have to be. When you connect Odoo ERP to your business, you can be sure that you’ll get all the information you need quickly and easily. Using this can help your company reach new heights when it comes to new technology and fighting with another company. 

This is something that the staff at Confianz can help you learn so that you can use Odoo ERP to make your business run more smoothly. You can find out more about Odoo ERP or the services we offer at Confianz by going to or calling us to speak with a member of our team. 


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