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FMWhatsApp is a cool variation of WhatsApp, loaded with awesome features you won’t find in the regular version. It lets you do things like hiding blue ticks, preventing message deletion or editing, and even freezing your “last seen” status. We’ve got all the details on what makes FMWhatsApp the latest must-have app. And guess what

Weve got the download link for you so stay tuned till the end.

This fantastic app is the brainchild of an talented developer named Fouad Mokdad and you can check out more info on his official website Fouadmods. But hold on, we’ve made it super easy for you to grab the latest WhatsApp FM version right here on FMWhat.Com for free. Keep reading to discover why this APK is a game-changer.

Should you try the FMWhatsApp APK?

You’ve probably heard of WhatsApp mods, but FM WhatsApp APK stands out as one of the finest. While other mods might have a risk of getting banned, FMWhatsApp is the safe choice. It’s your go-to anti-ban WhatsApp mod, making it the best pick in the category.

What’s New ?

Check out the latest FMWhatsApp APK updates:

1. Enhanced Anti-ban System

2. Now Pin Up to 100 Chats

3. Various Bug Fixes

4. Improved Stability with Fixes for Crashes and Bugs

5. Smoother User Experience with the Latest Update

6. Fresh Launcher Icons

7. Resolved Camera Opening Issues

8. New Themes to Choose From

9. Updated Base

10. More Customized Features

These improvements make the latest version of FMWhatsApp even more impressive!

All Features of FMWhatsApp

Discover the exciting features of the FMWhatsApp Latest Version:


  • Create custom themes, emojis, and WhatsApp interface.
  • Personalize your experience with custom launcher icons, wallpapers, and unique status settings for contacts.

Secret Features:

  • Disable message forwarding tags.
  • Turn off the second tick and blue tick notifications.
  • No need to add contacts to make calls.
  • Keep messages and status from being deleted with anti-delete features.

Privacy Features:

  • Stay secure with the anti-ban mode.
  • Hide your status view and customize your last seen details.
  • Maintain privacy by hiding your online status and selecting contacts who can call you.
  • Conceal your typing and recording status.

Multimedia Features:

  • Share large files with the ability to send up to 700Mb at once.
  • Send over 10 images in a single go.
  • Easily share audio files of up to 100 Mb.
  • Share images and videos in their original, high quality.

FMWhatsApp APK All Explained Features

If you’re curious about the details of the listed features in this article, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with explanations for each feature. Reading this will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the app and how to make the most of its capabilities. So, dive in and expand your knowledge about these features.

Privacy features

Here’s why FM WhatsApp stands out:

Enhanced Privacy: This mod offers more privacy options compared to the official version, ensuring your conversations stay confidential.

Anti-Ban Assurance: Unlike many other WhatsApp mods, FM WhatsApp is designed to be completely anti-ban, providing a secure experience.

Selective Calling: You have the power to choose who can make WhatsApp calls to you, giving you control over your communication.

Online Status Control: Hide your online status and keep your activities discreet, including your recording and typing status.

Flexible Last Seen: Customize your “last seen” status at your convenience, making it a highly useful feature for maintaining your privacy.


The Latest FM WhatsApp APK version offers plenty of customization options:

Custom Themes: You can apply custom themes to give your chats a personalized touch.

Custom Emojis: Add custom emojis to make your conversations more delightful and unique.

Personalized Interface: Tired of the same old look? Opt for a different and custom interface to freshen things up.

Unique Launcher Icons: If standard launcher icons bore you, pick from a range of custom launcher icons to suit your style.

Contact-Specific Customization: Enjoy a special feature that lets you select custom wallpapers and unique status settings for individual contacts, making your interactions more personal.

Secret Features

Call Without Adding Contacts: Easily make WhatsApp calls to anyone, even if they’re not in your contacts list.

Disable Message Forward Tags: Eliminate the pesky forward tag when you share messages, making them appear as if you wrote them yourself.

Privacy Control: Hide your status view, and say goodbye to those second and blue ticks in your chats.

Anti-Delete Message and Status: Keep track of your contact’s statuses, even after they delete them. Plus, you can see deleted messages in your chats, so nothing slips through the cracks.

How to install FMWhatsApp APK

In a hurry to install FM WhatsApp? No worries, we’ve got you covered with this straightforward installation guide. Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth installation process:

Step 1: Download APK

First, download the APK to your Android device. Since it’s not available on official stores like the Play Store, you’ll need to enable installations from an unknown source. To do this, go to: Settings > Security > Permissions > Enable Unknown Source. This step is essential for installing any mod.

Step 2: Install from Unknown Source

With unknown source installation enabled, locate the downloaded APK file on your device. Navigate to: Device Storage > Downloads > FM WhatsApp APK. Tap on the install button and wait for a few seconds. High-performance devices will install faster than those with lower RAM.

Step 3: Start Using the APK

Your installation is now complete and safe. Open the APK, create an account, and enjoy all its features on your device. Before leaving this website, you may also want to check out some additional information about FM WhatsApp. Be sure to read the frequently asked questions and answers provided below for more insights.


Is FMWhatsApp safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe – no need for a rooted device or worries about malware, and your account won’t get banned, making it a secure choice.

Can I send original quality images via FMWhatsApp?

Absolutely, you can share both full-resolution images and up to 700Mb files, unlike the official WhatsApp’s limitations.

How can I download the latest FMWhatsApp updates?

Easily access the latest updates and versions on our website, ensuring you’re always up to date with a single tap.

Can I use the same account for WhatsApp official and FMWhatsApp?

While possible, using the same number for both will automatically delete the old app’s account, so it’s better to use two numbers for each.

Can I customize my last seen in FMWhatsApp?

Absolutely, you can set your ‘last seen’ time or even freeze it, offering privacy features not found in the official WhatsApp.

Last Words

Now that you’ve learned about FMWhatsApp APK and its impressive features, it’s clear that it’s a secure, anti-ban WhatsApp mod worth trying out. With enhanced privacy, customization, and multimedia features, it outshines the YO WhatsApp. Share your thoughts in the comments below and if youre eager to get the latest version you can grab it the from a our website for free and hassle free. Give it a go


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