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You know how important it is to collect reviews on the web. This helps you build credibility and reputation, particularly on official websites like your Google My Business page. Google is where people most often go to read and leave reviews. Research by Review Trackers shows that 63.6% check Google reviews before they visit a local business. If you can show that others have had a positive experience working with you, you will be more trusted by interested buyers. Some clever markers opt to get Negative feedbacks for destroying others’ online presence.  It can be very frustrating to go back and check a review only to find that it is no longer there. Many small businesses have recently been affected by this issue. Google’s automated filtering can be the cause of missing reviews, or they could disappear due to human error.

Google Filters Reviews: Why?

Google is aware of its importance as an unbiased source. The system strives to be as accurate as it can, so a strict filtering system deletes any reviews that are flagged as potentially fraudulent or spammy. This algorithm, while generally accurate, is not perfect. This process has the potential to delete legitimate reviews.

Google Reviews Disappearing for 6 Reasons

It’s easier to restore your Google Review if you know what happened. Google Reviews can disappear for a variety of reasons.

This review contains prohibited information

Google Reviews is a great way to get people talking. Like most websites, there are limits to what users can say. Google for example deletes automatically reviews that include prohibited information This content is usually content which violates the privacy of someone such as email addresses or phone numbers. Also, it deletes any reviews with links.

Your business conducted a review.

Google also filters by the authenticity of reviews. Google can connect a user’s profile with their location. If you leave yourself reviews to try and boost your star ratings, you are probably not fooling Google. It’s not enough to have reviews from your staff. The review must be left by actual customers. It might appear harmless to fake reviews to gain access and launch your new business. If Google finds out that you have been cheating, they may restrict your GMB account.

Google has several ways to determine whether a review is fake.

If the review is from far away, then it may not be from an actual customer. (Unless you are shipping your products to another country). Google typically removes reviews from outside the country. It may also consider spam if there is a sudden influx of large numbers of reviews. It will also filter out reviews that are repeated from elsewhere on the internet. These measures all prevent users from buying bot reviews on third-party websites. But companies like offer real reviews that can’t be tracked by such tools.

GMB you are inactive

GMB activity is important for marketing. It is not only a great way to communicate with customers but also a reliable tool to verify the data posted on the account. Your business may become unverified if you haven’t been active in GMB for six months. Customers will then be prevented from leaving reviews. Another reason why reviews may be lost is duplicate listings. Keep your Google listing updated and make sure to claim it and verify it. The reviewer deleted It’s also possible the author has deleted the review. In this situation there’s not much that you can do because the error is not your fault. If you are worried then you can ask the client politely

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Google Reviews That Have Disappeared: What to Do?

You may be wondering how to recover your Google Reviews now that you have narrowed the cause. It is worth contacting the client and asking them to edit the review if you believe it contains prohibited speech. Tell them that you value their opinions and that a few edits can resolve the problem. You may also be able to restore the review if it was marked incorrectly as fraudulent. For Google Business Support, you’ll have to fill out a form. Even if you do get an answer it isn’t guaranteed that the review will be restored The best way to combat disappearing reviews is simply to acquire more

Your overall score will increase the more reviews you have

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