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Finley Celebrity kid Aaron Love Lockwood is forging her way in life while bearing the burden of a famous family name. Being the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, she is closely watched by the world’s music lovers and devoted admirers of Elvis. Discover some amazing facts about her. 

Personal Details Of Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

NameFinley Aaron Love Lockwood
Date of birth7-Oct-2008
Age15years old
Zodiac SignLibra

Family Background:

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood
ParentsMother: Lisa Marie Presley, Father: Michael Lockwood
SiblingsTwin Sister: Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood
Grandparents (Maternal)Grandfather: Elvis Presley, Grandmother: Priscilla Presley
Grandparents (Paternal)Grandparents’ names not publicly disclosed

Mother – Lisa Marie Presley:

Lisa Marie Presley, born on February 1, 1968, is an American singer-songwriter and the only child of the legendary Elvis Presley and actress Priscilla Presley. As the heiress to the Elvis Presley estate, Lisa Marie has made her mark in the music industry with albums like “To Whom It May Concern” and “Now What.” Her musical talent and intriguing family legacy contribute to her unique standing in the world of entertainment.

Father – Michael Lockwood:

Michael Lockwood, born on May 22, 1961, is a guitarist and music producer. He gained recognition for his work in the music industry, having collaborated with various artists. Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael is known as the ex-husband of Lisa Marie Presley. Their union brought forth a family, adding a distinctive chapter to the Presley legacy.


As of the available information, details about Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s siblings, if any, are not widely publicized. But you can check her Instagram for further details and daily updates. Privacy concerns and the desire to maintain a low profile may contribute to the limited information about Finley’s siblings.

This family background provides a glimpse into the noteworthy lineage from which Finley Aaron Love Lockwood emerges, with iconic figures like Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie Presley contributing to the narrative of his familial identity.

Financial Profiles: Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood

CategoryMichael LockwoodLisa Marie Presley
Net Worth (2023)$5 million-$16 million
Personal LifeLeads a largely private lifestyle; caring for twin daughters, Harper and Finley, after Lisa Marie Presley’s death.Known for marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage; life marked by personal tragedy and financial challenges2
Inheritance and InvestmentsEarned income from career as a musician and working with Lisa Marie Presley.Inherited $100 million from Elvis Presley’s estate; sold 85% stake to a private equity firm in 2005; faced financial losses due to debt and lawsuits.
CareerGuitarist and producer; continues to work in the music industry.N/A

Physical Features Of Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood
Height4 ′ 5″W
Eye ColourDark Brown

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Brief Highlights of Finley Aaron Love Lockwood’s Life:

  • Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, the third granddaughter of rock ‘n’ roll legends Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley.
  • Gained recognition for her performances alongside her mother.
  • Has a twin sister named Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood.
  • Parents, Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood divorced when Finley was just 8 years old.
  • Featured on the cover of Hello Magazine shortly after their birth.
  • Underwent a psychiatric assessment along with her twin sister during her parents’ divorce.

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