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If you are wondering whether the Kundli Matching is always right in Vedic Astrology, then this article will answer all your questions properly. 

According to the traditional way of thinking about marriage, Kundli matching is very important for happy weddings. Still, we see a lot of marriages that were accepted by Kundli Matching fail, and a lot of marriages that were not approved by Kundli Matching succeed. Because of this, these two questions have been bothering a lot of smart people for a long time.  

Comprehensive matching of the horoscope happens when the Kundli matching by name and date of birth is done. This can’t be done with an online Kundli analysis. Following the rules of Vedic astrology for matching horoscopes for marriage will lead to a happy, successful, and long marriage. Today in this Astrological blog we will find out whether the Kundli Matching is always accurate or right, and if not, what are its effecting factors. 

What Is Kundali Matching? 

Known as Kundali Milan or Kundli, in order to make sure that the two individuals who are going to exchange wedding vows in the near future are a good fit for one other, matching is a common procedure. To determine whether a couple is compatible astrologically, one must look at the positions of the planets when the couple was born, as well as their present and future positions. This is analogous to how a person’s personality may be shaped by the alignment of the planets. 

In order to match a boy’s and a girl’s Kundli, horoscopes are needed. Assuming they are a good fit, everyone hopes the marriage is blissful. There are eight main factors that the astrologer will take into account while comparing the boy’s and girl’s Kundlis. There are some merits to each of these considerations. The overall score a pair receives indicates their compatibility.  

Compatibility in temperament, personality, sexuality, anatomy, and psychology are all factors. There are a total of thirty-six points awarded for these. At least 18 points must be in harmony. If it’s lower than this, people will assume the marriage won’t work. 

How Does Kundli Matching Work? 

To put it simply, the horoscopes of the future bride and groom are matched during Kundli matching. Ashta Koota Milan is the name given to the whole Kundli Milan system in astrology. We find a plethora of outcomes when we compare the positions of the planets, particularly the Moon, in the natal charts of the bride and groom, taking into account their respective times of birth, the Moon’s present location, and its future destiny. 

Kundli matching is a method of predicting marital bliss and prosperity by comparing the horoscopes of prospective spouses. The 36-point ashta-koota matching is the most important part of Kundli matching. According to astrology, a marriage is considered excellent if the points match by at least 18; otherwise, it is not accepted. 

Is Kundli Matching Reliable? 

You may get Asthakoot Milan results using the Kundli software that is accessible on most Astro-marriage sites. Some people think that Asthakoot Milan alone can determine if a marital match will work or not. You should always consult a marriage professional astrologer who conducts the Kundli matching using your name and date of birth in addition to the findings presented by Kundli software on an online horoscope matching platform before making a final choice. 

Necessity Of Kundli Matching For Love Marriages 

When two individuals are engaged to be married but do not know one other, it is important to verify their ashta-koota compatibility. Kundli matching involves comparing a person’s inclinations, attitudes, sexual talents, and nature to see whether they are a good fit for one another. Two individuals fall in love and spend a lifetime getting to know each other. For the reasons stated above, there is little need for Kundli compatibility once an agreement has been reached. 

The only factors that should be taken into account while comparing the horoscopes of romantic partners are the likelihood of having children, the likelihood of being deceived, the likelihood of divorce, and longevity. Beyond these factors, Kundli’s matching is mostly meaningless if both couples are willing to stay together through thick and thin. 

How To Solve Kundli Mismatch In Love Marriages? 

If the Kundlis are misaligned, engaging in spiritual pursuits, treatments, and good deeds can provide some relief. Above all things, however, for the relationship’s sake, the two persons involved should do their best to meet each other where they are and work out any differences that may arise. A marriage can weather any crisis as long as there is love and trust between the couple. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope this article helped in answering your questions about the necessity and accuracy of Kundli Matching. If you have any further questions or queries related to this topic, feel free to contact us through the comments section. We would love to help you out. 


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