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Staying active and comfortable is more important now than ever. That said, athleisure, the fusion of athletic and leisurewear, has emerged as the go-to style for men who want to look good and feel great. Building the perfect activewear collection is not just about staying on-trend; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that prioritises comfort, functionality, and style. So, read on and explore the essentials of men’s athleisure and how to curate a collection that meets your needs and keeps you looking sharp. From performance-driven pieces to designer gems like Sergio Tacchini, here’s what you must know:

Functional and Stylish Activewear Tops

The foundation of any excellent activewear collection starts with versatile tops. So, invest in moisture-wicking T-shirts, long-sleeved base layers, and lightweight hoodies. These pieces keep you comfortable during workouts but are also perfect for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends. Also, look for quality fabrics that offer breathability and freedom of movement.

Performance-Enhancing Bottoms

Your choice of bottoms can significantly impact your comfort during physical activities, so opt for joggers, track pants, and shorts designed for performance. Look for features like stretchable materials, adjustable waistbands, and strategically placed pockets. These details ensure that your activewear looks good and enhances your performance.

Stylish Outer Layers

For a complete athleisure look, consider stylish outer layers. Bomber jackets, windbreakers, and lightweight parkas add a fashion-forward touch to your ensemble. These versatile pieces can be layered over your activewear for a polished look suitable for various occasions. Brands like Sergio Tacchini offer designer outerwear that combines functionality and style seamlessly.

Footwear for Every Activity

No athleisure collection is complete without the right footwear. Hence, invest in a range of sneakers that cater to different activities. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply strolling through the city, having the right pair of shoes is essential. Also, look for brands known for their performance and style.

Accessories: The Finishing Touches

Accessories can elevate your athleisure game to the next level, so consider adding a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a sleek watch to your collection. These items protect you from the elements and add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Besides, don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories to find your signature style.

Mix and Match: Versatility Is Key

The beauty of athleisure is its versatility; mix and match your activewear pieces to create various looks. Pair joggers with a casual T-shirt and sneakers for a laid-back vibe, or combine a stylish bomber jacket with performance shorts for a sporty-chic appearance. Experimenting with different combinations allows you to express your unique style.

Quality Over Quantity

When building your activewear collection, prioritise quality over quantity. Investing in well-made pieces may cost more upfront, but they’ll last longer and offer better performance. High-quality activewear also tends to be more comfortable and flattering, ensuring that you look good and feel confident.

Embrace Designer Athleisure

If you want to take your athleisure collection to the next level, consider adding designer pieces like those from Sergio Tacchini. These brands blend high fashion with performance features, offering activewear that is as stylish as it is functional. Designer athleisure pieces are ideal for occasions when you want to make a fashion statement without compromising on comfort.


Building the perfect athleisure collection balances style, comfort, and functionality. Also, don’t forget to add accessories for those finishing touches that elevate your look. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply running errands, athleisure allows you to stay comfortable and stylish throughout your day. And for those special occasions, consider embracing designer athleisure pieces like those from Sergio Tacchini to add a touch of luxury to your activewear collection. So, embrace the athleisure lifestyle and step out with confidence and style.

Author: Salman Rahat


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