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Be it celibrity inspired solitaire mangalsutra or traditional gold mangalsutra with diamond pendant – the trend of minimalist mangalsutra is on the roll and we are loving it. What makes it special is that modern women have found a way to embrace their traditions while keeping up with contemporary fashion.

We loved the style so much that we decided to know why we were obsessed with it. Keep reading to learn more about minimalist gold mangalsutra and how should you pick one for yourself.

Why We Love Minimalist Mangalsutras?

While every mangalsutra is amazing here is why we have an ounce of extra love for minimalist gold mangalsutra


Take a look at any minimalist mangalsutra or you’ll find grace oozing from every design They are elegant and sophisticated which makes them perfect for both Traditional and modern attires That being said minimalism does not take away the attention Its the subtle yet stylish look of gold mangalsutras that makes them the talk of the wedding

Source: Mia by Tanishq

Easy to Carry

Its not just the design and style that makes minimalist mangalsutra a craze. They are lightweight and comfortable. This means that whether you go to the office or have to handle household chores you can do it all without feeling uncomfortable with your jewellery


Another advantage of minimalist gold mangalsutra is that it can be paired effortlessly with a wide range of outfits for different occasions. So, whether you have to wear it for a party or just an office meeting, it will match the attire while adding more grace to your look.

The Modern Bride and Minimalism

If there’s one piece of jewellery that is sacred and highly symbolic, mangalsutra comes to mind instantly. This traditional necklace marks the holy union of matrimony that married women wear. For centuries, married women have worn gold mangalsutra, and in the 21st century, modern women continue to adorn it with love. The only thing that has changed is the design.

Now, they are more minimalist and lightweight. This has happened as women’s roles have also changed. Modern brides are outgoing and have to juggle work and home. In such times, they want something that helps them keep in touch with tradition while also being comfortable.

Their absolute grace and beauty make them perfect for every day, and their significance certainly makes them the most special piece of jewellery in every modern bride’s collection.

Source: Mia by Tanishq

Choosing the Perfect Minimalist Mangalsutra

All set to buy the perfect minimalist gold mangalsutra? Consider these few things to make sure you make the right choice:

  1. Your Culture: Different cultures have different mangalsutra, and thankfully minimalist style is available for each.
  2. Length: Minimalist mangalsutras are usually small in length, but they can vary. If you want to wear them daily, we recommend you go for a shorter and delicate one. But if you are confused, the standard one is a 16-inch chain. Go with it without any doubt.
  3. Pendant Style: You can either choose a gold pendant or add a diamond to get some shine. Some brides also add precious gemstones or pure pearls. Pendants with initials are also in rage among brides who want to make their mangalsutra even more special and unique.
  4. Necklace or Bracelet: Yes, mangalsutras are no longer just necklaces. There are bracelet mangalsutras in minimal designs that modern brides love to wear. They are easy to wear and go with any attire. 

So, there you have it! A short guide on why we fell for minimalist gold mangalsutra. And if you have read it all, we are sure you have also become a fan.

Now, wait not and start exploring to find one that you can adorn. If you are wondering where to begin, we suggest that you head to the nearest Mia by Tanishq store and get a look at their Mia Sutra collection.

Happy shopping!


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