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Walls tell a lot about your personality. A bare and cold wall gives a very uninviting feel to your space, whereas vibrant and colourful walls bring warmth and character to your space. By giving your walls an eclectic look you not only make your space welcoming but also reveal a lot about your opulent personality and classy choices.

Eclectic wall decor is directly related to creating a rich and layered interior. Such type of wall decor helps you bring vibes of harmony by blending various types, textures and contrasting colours in a unified, wonderfully realised space that wouldn’t seem out of place. Since designing an eclectic look involves a lot of experimenting, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility while decorating your space.

However, if you feel confused as to how to start creating an eclectic look, this detailed guide serves as an ultimate guide to assist you in designing your own eclectic room. Keep on reading to know more!

Things To Keep In Mind For Creating An Eclectic Look

1. Create A Coordinating Hue

A colour scheme can be used to unify the room’s many different components. Pick a few hues that will appear repeatedly in your design concept. You can replicate these colours in your wall decor such as wall decor plates and wall stickers.

2. Create A Centre Of Attention

Your room’s focal point, such as an accent wall, gallery wall, or a statement piece of furniture, might assist direct attention there. Among other things, beautiful pair of buntings can help you accentuate your wall and draw the attention of visitors.

3. Be Cautious, Do Not Create A Clutter

Just a few wrong decisions and you might end up creating a cluttered, disorganised, and overly busy space. Each element should serve a purpose, and everything in the space must have a place. Make sure that key items don’t get lost in the surrounding décor by letting wall decor items speak for themselves without crowding your area or surfaces.

4. Experiment With Prints, Textures, & Patterns

The look and feel of a space can be significantly enhanced by combining various materials. To assist establish a feeling of visual harmony in your space, repeat some of the same patterns and textures throughout. For example, you can decorate your wall using a circular hanging shelf along with transparent hooks.

Try making an impact by combining surprising patterns that don’t necessarily belong together. Go all bold and daring when pairing wall decor items that typically go opposite each other. Clashing patterns and colours will help you create a unique atmosphere.

5. Don’t Leave The Negative Space

In eclectic decor, the negative space can give your viewer’s eye a break. To avoid confusing the eye or giving the area a congested feel, break up your diverse home design using neutral hues and empty spaces.

6. Keep In Mind The Utility

Remember that the room is intended to be lived in when you choose the décor. Hence, let the utility guide your decorations. Deciding what colours and textiles to use to decorate an empty room can be rather intimidating, but the utility is a great decorator. Consider how you might use a bare wall to make it feel more cohesive. Take into account stunning pieces of decor such as wall hooks, wall plates, planters, stickers, etc. These components give your wall a comfortable, lived-in feel.

7. Define A Statement Piece

Every piece of furniture and ornament tells a tale, but statement pieces are what will give your area the ideal finishing touch. Choose a wall decor piece that gives a distinct look to the wall, can stand on its own and steal the show, to pull off the ideal eclectic decor scheme.

Above everything, presenting your personality in space is the main goal of eclectic home design. Don’t place too many restrictions on yourself when designing an eclectic-style home; free yourself from the rigid and stale guidelines that go along with conventional interior decorating. Give your imagination wide rein, and enjoy trying new things from Nestasia. Along with luxe wall decor items online, Nestasia brings you a great range of kitchen, dining, bathing and other accessories.


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