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In today’s world, you can never be too vigilant when it comes to the security of your office or commercial property. It seems stories of burglary and violent crime increase daily; anytime you turn on mainstream media or read the headlines on your favorite news website, there’s news of a crime. Protecting your livelihood should be a top priority, and a security system installation is an ideal way to avoid the unthinkable.

There’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to installation packages. Choosing the most cost-efficient system without sacrificing a high level of protection is of vital importance, but how can you be sure you’re making the best decision?

Companies like CSI Security provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for all commercial organizations, big or small. The first step is understanding your options and the intricacies of security system installation.

Finding the Best Security System Installation for You

There are plenty of reasons to strive for the best security system installation, aside from the obvious. Additional benefits exist, including lower insurance rates and other cost-saving items. If you rent out your commercial property, many prospective clients won’t even think about doing business with you unless you have protection for the grounds and buildings.

The Security of Your Commercial Property Is More Important Than You Think

In a large commercial office building, there’s probably an assortment of different tenants, or companies, renting single units within the property. This means each different company has a number of employees, in addition to their own clients, on the grounds daily. Because of the variety of different organizations that have access to the building, there must be an efficient form of monitored access for permanent occupants and guests that allows easy entrance while eliminating the threat of would-be thieves.

There must be security details that keep a watchful eye on every area to identify any threatening or suspicious issues, including hazards like fires or flooding, that could put the occupants of the building in harm’s way. You could hire an on-site security team, but this requires additional time spent hiring expert security workers, along with training them on your policies, not to mention their salaries. And if your commercial property is fairly large, you’re looking at a large security team to cover the expanse of the property.

Opting for a combination of on-site alarms and security sensors, combined with real-time surveillance provided by remote security teams, gives you 24/7 coverage from a team of professionals who can alert you to any nefarious activities.

Parking Lot Security

It’s not enough to have security exclusively for the interior of your commercial property; remember, the parking lot is utilized just as much as the interior of the building. Aside from remote monitoring, you should also consider limited-access security gates with pin-controlled technology. These systems can track every vehicle that enters and exits the property, capturing any exiting assailants if they happen to make it onto the property.

This keeps your tenants secure in the fact that their vehicles are monitored for vandalism and theft, in addition to random acts of violence while entering and exiting the building.

Regardless of your specific security configuration, one thing is certain: security systems for commercial properties leverage a number of different accessories and focus areas. A top-tier security team compiles all of these elements into one seamless, integrated infrastructure, along with user-friendly dashboards that allow you to interact with the interface at any time.Let’s break down the different areas of a commercial security system installation.  

The Most Important Components of Your Security System Installation

The following section outlines the most pertinent areas of focus for a commercial security system installation. The goal is to find a company that integrates all of these areas into a robust security framework.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial alarm systems protect occupants and guests by alerting the authorities to outside intrusions as they happen in real time. There are multiple options for alarm systems, including glass break technology for windows, breach detection for doors, and even alerts that notify those on-site when windows or doors are left open or unlocked before they exit.

More thorough systems include motion detection on the interior of the building, especially around more sensitive areas of the property. Additional bonuses of these systems include the identification of carbon monoxide and changes in the humidity or level of particles in the air.

Controlled Access

You should consider controlled access mandatory for commercial buildings that accommodate multiple tenants. These systems use a pin-controlled entry system that allows you to create a code for anyone with regular access to the buildings.

Each time these pin-codes are used to gain access to the property, the entry is logged within the system, providing a reviewable ledger of the history of anyone who’s entered the building. This not only keeps out unwanted visitors but also helps identify all occupants present in the event of a theft or other harmful occurrence perpetuated by someone with permission to enter the property.

Video Surveillance Equipment

Video surveillance equipment only provides so much protection if it is not monitored around the clock. Sure, the tape is reviewable in the event a break-in takes place, but rarely do these provide the detailed evidence needed to find the assailant. In the event they are identified, this does nothing to return stolen items or repair damages.

Using remote surveillance equipment monitored 24/7, otherwise known as CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, provides around-the-clock monitoring when nobody is on the property. Threats are identified, and the authorities are notified immediately, helping to deter any potential theft or vandalism.

The Ideal Security Solution

Finding your ideal security solution is as simple as an audit from the right professional organization. CSI Security can help you identify trouble spots in your security setup and get your commercial building’s infrastructure back on track to keep tenants and guests secure and out of harm’s way. Learn more about the services available or arrange a phone call with a representative who can help you today.


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