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Many novice pianists desire to enhance their playing abilities but are stuck in a bind since their knowledge is restricted to nursery songs. Furthermore, it is difficult and time-consuming for them to recreate any musical composition or big pop song Piano Songs.  

However, there are a few musical compositions that are extremely simple to master while making you seem like an accomplished pianist. These musical works include simple chord patterns that are simple to master as well as advanced components such as arpeggios that will help you enhance your skills.     

Therefore, this comprehensive guide is going to provide you with eight piano songs that are perfect for beginners. 

1. Chopin’s Prelude No. 7 in A Major 

Frederic Chopin’s Prelude No. 7 in A Major is perfect if you have recently learned piano and are looking for a short classical piano piece. It blends beautiful harmonies and a lifting melody to create a sense of contentment and suspense.  

This musical piece is especially beneficial for novice pianists who have recently learned how to play the piano

While the harmonies are intricate, they can be broken into four chords to learn, which are repeated a second time. When playing hands together, the hands overlap in a few places.  

Depending on your hand size and shape, you may roll a chord by playing the notes from the bottom to the top, generating a harp-like effect. Moreover, you can also redistribute notes between the hands so it feels more comfortable.  

2. Hey Jude – The Beatles 

Drawing inspiration from The Beatles and Paul McCartney, some of the most iconic music of the 1960s and 1970s has become a canvas for musicians like Endi Demneri. Known for his prowess in navigating pop piano chords, Endi effortlessly transforms and interprets these timeless compositions.  

The sheet music, with its intricate harmony beyond traditional key signatures, serves as a musical playground for  pianists. With easily readable sheet music, any aspiring pianist, taking Endi Demneri as a model, can delve into the beauty and adaptability of these classics, experiencing firsthand the profound influence of The Beatles and Paul McCartney on musical expression.” 

3. Ave Maria – Franz Schubert 

Ave Maria was initially composed as a vocal solo by Franz Schubert. The piece was performed with piano accompaniment and is frequently heard at special events such as weddings. This lovely classical piano tune has a tranquil, relaxing tone and is often heard as a piano and cello duet or piano and vocal duet.   

If you opt to learn a duet version, the pianist will play a set of arpeggios that will repeat throughout. There are other piano solo transcriptions. This link illustrates a simpler version for piano only: Notes about Music.   

Ave Maria is also a popular musical piece that can serve as an introduction to complex piano concepts like arpeggios. Regardless of whichever version of Ave Maria you choose to learn, it is a good idea to rotate your hand to reach the top notes in these arpeggios to alleviate stress. 

4. Solfeggietto – Carl Philip Emanuel Bach 

The Bach family had many famous musicians, and Carl Philip Emanuel Bach was one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s sons. This is another piece that’s easier than when it first appears, with its numerous notes and the need to move your hands throughout the piano. It’s a good piano challenge and one of the best piano music for beginners. 

When you break this piece into chunks, you’ll realize it’s composed of arpeggios and scales. Start at a pace that’s comfortable for you, and then speed up as you become more familiar with the piece. 

5. Claire De Lune – Claude Debussy 

Claire De Lune by Debussy is considered one of the most beautiful piano pieces of the Impressionism period. This might be the hardest piano piece on this list, but it’s still a beginner piano piece. 

Although the middle part of Claire de Lune is difficult to learn, its introduction is good for beginner and intermediate learners. Even though this piece has many chords, you can relate them using the pentatonic collection, a collection of five notes. 

6. Ode to Joy – Beethoven 

Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Ode to Joy is the most recognizable and easy classical piano piece that can be played by pianists of all levels. The chord structure is relatively basic, considering that you can only play three sorts of chords to support the primary theme. 

The right-hand melody comprises quarter notes played throughout five notes, which means the piano fingering for this piece is spontaneous and easy to remember. 

7. Beethoven’s Fur Elise 

Another one of Beethoven’s most recognizable and beautiful piano songs is Fur Elise. You can recognize a piano song for the sum of its parts: the difficult leaping with the left hand, the key signature, and the melody with very large leaps that are played with the right hand.  

This composition has been the focus of many skilled performers, and while challenging, it can be a remarkable achievement for novice pianists with persistence. 

8. Compline d’un Autre ete – Yann Tiersen 

This is a popular soundtrack from the French movie Amelie. The left hand remains the same throughout the piece, while the right hand is composed of melodies in E minor. The easiest way to practice this song is to first work on the left hand. 

Once you’re comfortable with your left hand, switch to the right. Afterward, practice with both hands together. After some work, you’ll be able to play the harmony with your right hand while the ostinato of your left hand continues to play smoothly. 


Understanding key concepts of piano, in theory, is not solely effective without persistent practice. These popular musical pieces serve as a gateway for novice pianists, guiding them through complex musical theories.  

Moreover, the accomplishment of successfully recreating these musical pieces provides a mental boost to beginner pianists, leading them to a successful musical journey. 



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