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Monthly knife subscription boxes have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Knife enthusiasts love the excitement of not knowing what type of knife will arrive each month. These subscription boxes typically contain one primary knife and other EDC gear like flashlights, multi-tools, and wallets Knife Box. 

Having said that, the knives range from budget-friendly to high-end collector’s items. Unboxing such monthly deliveries is an adventure in itself. You never know if you’ll unpack a reliable EDC folder, an artisan craftsman knife, or a rare gem.  

Therefore, this article will explore the top five knives you will likely find inside. 

Monthly Knife Boxes 

Whether you are an adventurer chef or like spending time in t he woods hunting, having a good knife should be your priority. Before leaving your cage, ensure you have a versatile knife to serve you throughout your trip, from cutting food and preparing a shelter to protecting yourself from dangerous animals. Therefore, having a monthly knife box will help you acquire reliable tools to make a massive difference in your outdoor experience. You can get an excellent knife depending on the brand, design, aesthetic, size, and activity.  

Besides knives, you can get other accessories for outdoor experiences, such as headwear and clothing. If you enjoy fishing and camping navigation, you don’t have to spend hours comparing different tools. The monthly knife box will conveniently supply you with a curated selection of accessories, from simple knives to high-end tactical blades. 

1. FOX EDGE Anunnaki 

The Anunnaki front flipper folder is another knife that is worth monthly knife box inclusion. The usually comes sharply outfitted with a 3.5″ stonewashed 9Cr18MoV stainless steel clip-point blade. It runs smoothly on hardened steel bearings and locks up tight within its chunky stainless steel frame lock mechanism. 

This knife cuts compliments away with its sleek, modern aesthetics. The chunky 6AL4V titanium handles come finely machined with crisp contours and edges. It includes a handy Kydex sheath for safe carry in your pocket, pack, or belt. 

The FOX EDGE Anunnaki presents profound cutting competence in a slick modern build. Here’s hoping a shipment arrives monthly in boxes to subscribers soon. It’s built rugged enough for hard use while exuding exotic appeal. Don’t be surprised when this knife garners the most pocket time. 

knife on board chef's knife on a cutting board FOX EDGE Anunnaki knife stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


Karambit knives also make frequent appearances thanks to their ominous reputation and iconoclast styling. Models like the BATTLTAC Double-Lock deliver exotic looks bundled with ergonomics influenced by martial arts. It sports a 3.5” aus-8 steel Wharncliffe-style blade flanked by aggressive G10 scales. 

A unique double-lock mechanism reinforces sturdy lockup, so it won’t fail when needed most. The finger choil and ring deploy smoothly yet substantially thanks to stainless steel liners and bronze washers. A reversible clip configures left or right-hand tip-up carry. 

Unboxing an unexpected BATTLTAC Double-Lock karambit makes any knife enthusiast’s month. Its exotic shape and Superintendent Toughness promise to garner lots of pocket time. And it retails close to $100, demonstrating the impressive value knife club members appreciate. 

folding knife Surabaya,Indonesia -  12 august : this is my friend folding knife, my friend gave mi thgis folding knife as a gift for me.  BATTLTAC DOUBLE-LOCK KARAMBIT knife stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

3. Civivi Elementum 

Over the last five years, Civivi has made significant waves in the budget blade market. Their Elementum flipper model is ubiquitous in monthly knife boxes. It delivers incredible value for money. 

Elementums feature nested stainless-steel liners, securing a robust frame lock mechanism. Smooth ball-bearing pivots facilitate stellar flipping action. Buyers can choose either corrosion-resistant D2 or easy-to-sharpen 9CR18MOV stainless steel for the flat ground drop point blade. 

Most Elementum variants have contoured G10, wood, micarta, or acrylic-handled scales. However, caged ceramic bearings provide smooth glass action regardless of the scale of the material. The blades measure 3″ in length, making them ideal all-around EDC companions. 

Whether you’re opening packages, food prep, slicing fruit, or webbing light camp duties, the Elementum easily handles every cutting task. Civivi even offers a variety of custom laser-engraved blades if you want to add personal flair. 

lemon sliced with a cook knife on a wood cutting board Civivi Elementum knife stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

4. Kershaw Cryo II 

Kershaw Knives produces more budget blades than just about any company. Their Cryo II model shows up in monthly knife deliveries thanks to the impressive looks and solid performance. It’s a quintessential tactical EDC folder. 

This Carver design comes dressed in matte gray titanium carbo-nitride coating on the stainless-steel blade and frame lock. It measures 8.5” and is fully open with a 3.25” clip-point blade. That generous length and hefty profile make it very ergonomic in hand. 

The Cryo II runs on Kershaw’s SpeedSafe-assisted opening mechanism. A quick push on the thumb stud rockets the blade open smoothly each time. It locks up with assurance courtesy of the sturdy frame lock. For around $60 retail, you’d be challenged to find a better bang for the buck than the Kershaw Cryo II. 

The knife is photographed at an angle. Blade of a knife. The knife is photographed at an angle. Blade of a knife. A dirty knife. Kershaw knife stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

5. Steel Will Cutjack Mini 

Our final knife stems from relative newcomer Steel Will. Their Cutjack series encompasses a variety of blade styles and sizes. The Mini variant shows up frequently thanks to its compact stature and impressive cutting prowess. 

This Fred Perrin design comes outfitted with D2 tool steel and a stout frame lock mechanism. It spans just over 6″ open with a 2.5″ drop point blade. An ample finger groove and textured G10 scales make it very comfortable to hand, even for larger mitts. 

The action is smooth and reliable thanks to nested stainless steel liners and phosphor bronze washers. It carries nice and low in the pocket while still offering a very sturdy feel. For a compact folder, the Cutjack Mini cuts far above its size. 

It can easily handle detail work while tackling heavier duty cutting when called upon. And though it skews petite, it still offers a robust build that instills confidence. The textured titanium coating on the D2 blade also adds excellent corrosion resistance for EDC in harsher climates. 

For subscribers who prefer smaller knives, scoring a Steel Will Cutjack Mini always brings smiles. Here’s hoping more of these sturdy, compact cutters arrive in future knife club deliveries. 

Traditional handmade Finnish knife over an old sack background. Traditional handmade Finnish knife with the wooden handle over an old sack background. Steel Will Cutjack Mini knife stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


Unboxing a monthly knife subscription brings excitement and surprise with each new delivery. Half the fun is discovering which impressive cutter gets unwrapped. Will it be a hard-working EDC from Civivi or CRKT this month? Maybe you’ll score an iconic Kershaw or sleek Fox Edge offering. Or perhaps a robust Steel Will opportunity awaits discovery. 

The knives featured in these club deliveries often punch far above their modest price tags. And additional goodies like multi-tools, pry bars, and flashlights add bonus utility. 

If you haven’t already, consider giving one of these monthly knife subscriptions a shot. The unboxing excitement never gets old. And here’s hoping you score one of these fantastic knives in your next delivery! 


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