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Webtoon (stylized in all caps) is a South Korean webtoon platform kicked off in 2004 by Naver Corporation, facilitating hosting for webtoons and compact digital comics. The platform is free for Webtoon comics and is found both on the web at and on cell phones accessible for both Android and iOS.

Type of siteWebtoon platform
Available inMultilingual
OwnerNaver Corporation (66.8%)LY Corporation (33.3%)
Created byJunKoo Kim
ParentWebtoon Entertainment

2004 Korean2013 Japanese (Line Manga launched)2014 English, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese2015 Indonesian2019 Spanish, French


After the service was made available worldwide, the number of people using Webtoon proliferated. Today, the platform is used by 10 million people every day and 35 million people every month. 

In Asia, a few webtoons get 5 million perspectives each week. 50 percent of Line Webtoon’s 6 million daily active readers and 42 percent of the webtoon creators were female in 2016. 75% of the clients in North America are 24 or more youthful and 64% are female. Webtoon paid out more than $27 million to its 120,000 English-language creators between 2020 and 2021. In Korea, top makers procure a normal of $250,000 each year. The top maker acquired around $9 million in 2021. 

As of Walk 2023, Webtoon has developed to get more than 125 billion perspectives every year. It is now the most popular webcomic platform in the United States with 12.5 million monthly active users and 85.6 million monthly active users worldwide.

Global launch

On July 2, 2014, the Line Webtoon site and portable application were sent off around the world, permitting global specialists to transfer their work to the help. Many webtoons are accessible in the independently publishing part of Webtoon, known as Material, where craftsmen can be paid in light of site hits. 

JunKoo Kim, Chief and Top of the Line Webtoon Division at the hour of the send-off, expressed that an organization laid out and new to the scene American makers would serve to “grow [Line Webtoon’s] determination of titles and help [the creators] extend their fan base.” Naver Partnership chose 42 webtoons (counting Noblesse, Pinnacle of God, and The Divine Force of Secondary School) and one new webtoon by an American craftsman to be accessible in English at send-off. 

As per 148 Applications, the help advertised “a lot of content” at the send-off, as seven to ten webtoons were refreshed every day and the webtoons crossed different kinds.

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Webtoon involves coins as cash that peruses can buy in the application. Right now, the money is selective to peruses utilizing the Android or iOS variants of the application. 

Coins can be used by readers to support their favourite authors, gain access to completed series, or use a Fast Pass to read ahead. 

The quantity of coins expected to open an episode shifts depending on the series being perused. Moreover, Coins can be used to open Day to day Pass episodes. For each Day-to-Day Pass series, you have the choice to open one episode for nothing every day. When opened, every Day-to-day Pass episode stays available for 14 days. 

On the other hand, you might utilize Coins to open these episodes, which permits you to get to them however long the series is accessible on Webtoon.

$ Top In-App Purchases

[US] 10 CoinsOne-Time
[US] 50+2 CoinsOne-Time
[US] 100 + 8 CoinsOne-Time
[US] 100 + 8 CoinsOne-Time
[US] 300+30 CoinsOne-Time
[US] 80+6 CoinsOne-Time
[US] 50 CoinsOne-Time

Awards and nominations

Webtoon Comics

Ringo Awards Fan Favorite Villain / Best Humor Comic / Best Webcomic
2018Ringo Awards / Eisner AwardsFan Favorite Villain / Best Humor Comic / Good Webtoon Comics / Fan Favorite New Series / Fan Favorite Publisher
2019Ringo Awards / Eisner AwardsFan Favorite Villain / Best Humor Comic / Webtoon Dragon Comic / Fan Favorite New Series / Fan Favorite Publisher
2020Ringo Awards / Eisner Awards/ Harvey AwardsFan Favorite Villain / Best Humor Comic / Best Webcomic / Fan Favorite New Series / Fan Favorite Publisher
2021Ringo Awards / Eisner Awards/ Harvey AwardsFan Favorite Villain / Best Humor Comic / Best Webcomic / Fan Favorite New Series / Fan Favorite Publisher
2022Ringo Awards / Eisner Awards/ Harvey AwardsFan Favorite Villain / Best Humor Comic / Best Webcomic 
2023Ringo Awards Fan Favorite New Series/ Fan Favorite Villain/ Best Webcomic / Best Humor Webcomic.
Is webtoon appropriate for 12-year-olds?

A grading system offered by Webtoon can assist users in determining the target audience and possible issues with the material. To determine whether the content is appropriate for their children, parents can use these ratings in addition to reading reviews or series trailers.

Are the webtoon comics Korean or Chinese?

The most well-known webtoon comics platform is LINE Webtoon, a 2004-launched South Korean comics platform. It offers a large selection of webcomics in several genres.

Does WEBTOON cost money?

Webtoons may often be accessed and read for free on websites like LINE Webtoon. There are a few more features, though, that might be expensive.
The following are the usual situations:
Free Episodes: You can read a lot of webtoons for free. Readers can obtain new episodes for free, and they are frequently updated on a regular schedule.
Tokens or Coins: LINE Webtoon and other webtoon platforms include a virtual currency system that allows users to access unique features or unlock advanced episodes. Frequently, actual money is used to buy these virtual currencies.
Premium Subscriptions: A few sites sell premium subscriptions that come with extra features like early access to episodes, reading without advertisements, or access to other exclusive material. Typically, these subscriptions come with a monthly cost.

Do webtoon comics artists get paid?

Yes, webtoon artists can get paid through various means, including ad revenue, subscription services, crowdfunding, and licensing opportunities


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