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Wesley Financial Group

Are you in need of a timeshare exit organization? Don’t worry; we will help you through this article to learn about the best timeshare cancellation company, Wesley Financial Group, and how they can help you with your timeshare revocation. 

Wesley Financial Group:

In 2011, this corporate organization was introduced into operations by Chuck Mcdowell. The company has this name on the site of John Wesley, a leader in the Methodist Church of the young Chuck. We want to cite a quotation from Wesley to help you understand their perspective on their workplace culture. 

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.” 

Is Wesley Financial Group a legit company?  

To answer this query, we have stated some key points you can use on the go!   

  • Over 15,500 families have benefited from their assistance in breaking timeshare agreements.   
  • 97.5% of consumers successfully exit their timeshare.    
  • They have been in business since 2012. A+ rating has been awarded to us by the Better Business Bureau. 
  • They will refund your money if they can keep you from your timeshare.     
  • They have a sizable business with over 450 people. 

Are you asking, “Can Wesley help me?” Let’s guide you! 

You may doubt: “Is Wesley Financial Group a Legit Company? You can feel comfortable with their legitimacy. However, they can help you only after they have gained insights into your timeshare through the free consultation structure they have provided.  

And before entering into the timeshare cancellation agreement, they will give you the best possibilities in your cash offer. If you have yet to be aware, their services will stand out. Confirm your timeshare burden will be gone by 2024-2025! 

Wesley Group Ratings:

Wesley Financial Group has several accomplishments to list, which suggests that the company has A + put in a lot of effort to establish itself as a notable business. Check out their ratings as an illustration.     

  • On all the well-known websites, Wesley gets a consistently high rating. 
  • The Better Business Bureau gave their services 4.98/5 stars and an A+ grade. There have been 40 complaints made during the last three years, and 38 of them have been handled.    
  • On Trustpilot’s website, this organization has a rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 650 client views. Trustpilot even mentioned that they keep their promises, and the business is famous for responding to complaints or unfavorable evaluations in under a week. 

Wesley’s Concerning Point:

According to their feedback, Wesley receives ratings between two and three stars from customers. While it has been discovered in numerous reviews that customers are complaining that the customer service representatives have not been sufficiently helpful. 

However, a short glance at the organization’s response to these complaints demonstrates a dedication to wholly and promptly resolving any issues. They look for a committed customer service crew caring about client pleasure. Wesley Financial Group, like many companies, depends on satisfied clients for success, and they appear to take this responsibility seriously. 


Wesley is a well-known figure in the timeshare cancellation business. In just ten years, their capacity to thoroughly assess clients and consistently produce results has allowed them to experience exponential growth. Customers, trade associations, and other industry professionals give them overwhelmingly positive reviews. We highly recommend this top-tier cancellation firm to anyone wishing to sell their timeshare. 


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