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Are you confused about all the available AWS Certifications? If yes, then here are some factors that will help you education decide the most suitable one according to your individual preferences. 

Which AWS Certification Exam Is Right For Me?

Cloud computing is one of the most ‘in-demand’ technologies of today, and so are its relevant designations. But before you begin searching for AWS jobs, you first need to gather proper knowledge about the concept. This is where an AWS Certification will help you out. Currently, there are around 12 courses offered by AWS. These include:

  1. Cloud Practitioner
  2. Solutions Architect – Associate
  3. SysOps Administrator
  4. Developer
  5. Solutions Architect – Professional 
  6. DevOps Engineer
  7. Database
  8. Security
  9. Advanced Networking
  10. Machine Learning
  11. Alexa Skill Builder
  12. Data Analytics

It may seem easy to how2invest choose from these courses. However, you will realize the actual challenge when you will go through each of their details. If you don’t wish to get stuck anywhere, here are some factors you can consider to choose the right AWS Certification Course for yourself. 

  1. Domain

From the name only, you can notice that each of these courses covers a different domain of the AWS platform. For example, developer, security, and database are three separate sections for the same system. So you can determine the correct AWS Certification Training based on which division you are interested in. For this, you first need to read the description of the course carefully. Once you thoroughly understand what it has to offer and you find yourself interested in the provided knowledge, you can opt for it. This method will help you see which domain you want to work in to obtain the certification in that only.

  1. Experience

Some of the mentioned AWS Certifications require no prior knowledge of the platform, while others demand a few years of working experience. This is a vital factor that you must check for. Otherwise, your whole effort and time investment in the course will go waste. Generally, the recommended experience for the mentioned twelve certifications are:

  • Six Months: With this experience, you will only be eligible for the foundational certification, i.e., Cloud Practitioner. You can opt for it to get a thorough knowledge of AWS’s functioning. 
  • One Year: With this working experience, you can select from three certifications: Solutions Architect – Associate, Developer, and SysOps Administrator. Check for their individual details before deciding. The learning under this training will help you grow further in your career. 
  • Two Years: Here, you can pick from either Solutions Architect – Professional or DevOps Engineer. The training will offer you an in-depth knowledge of AWS that you can implement in your organization to get the best results. 
  • Over Two Years: If you have this much experience, you will be eligible to opt for any remaining specialty certifications. You can learn about the concepts and gain their complete understanding not to let your career stop. 

You can also begin with the foundational course and then move to more advanced ones as you gain more experience in the industry. It will help you keep moving forward in your career by learning more about the new concepts. 

  1. Price

The certification cost can play a significant role in helping you decide which one to opt for. However, its importance will get reduced if you have already determined the previous two aspects. Usually, the price increases as you rise to the expertise level. The fundamental training can be found for free on the AWS platform. So you can get started without any hassle. Once you score a job and begin earning, you can smoothly go for the higher AWS Training and Certification. It will ensure that you have funds to pay the related fees, and the knowledge will be valuable for you. 

  1. Learning Path

Each AWS Certification Course has its own learning path. You will have to follow it up till the end and then prove your knowledge with quizzes and examinations. This is the only way to get the certification. The catch here is that you can go through the learning paths of the provided training to see what exactly you will gain under it. Therefore, you will know the offerings of the course. It will help you avoid any mistakes in selecting one. 


All these factors will help you find the most suitable AWS Certification according to your preferences and experience. Hence, it will help if you don’t waste any more time. Get started now to learn more about each of the training and see which fits your requirements best. This will boost your career because you will gain more knowledge and skills from the course.  


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