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 JC Lin Actor

vTaiwanese model and entertainer JC Lin He was brought into the world on December 16, 1991, and is seen as an emerging skill in news sources. He has shown up in different ventures, including the Netflix parody show series “We should Discuss Chu artificial intelligence,” where he assumed the part of Yu Sen.

JC Lin Actor has additionally dealt with other Programs, for example, “The World Among Us” and “Right now.”In terms of movies, some of his notable works include “The Scoundrels,” “Moneyboys,” and “Terrorizers.”

Profile & Wikipedia

Original Name:- JC Lin Actor

Different Names :- Lin Cheng Xi, Lin Zhe Xi, J.C. Lin

Birthday:-  December 16, 1991

Birth Place :- Lukang Township, Taiwan

Education:- Graduation

Profession:- Actor & Model

Martial Status:– Not-Married

Zodiac Sign:-  SAGITTARIUS

Religion:– Christian

Nationality:- Taiwanese

JC Lin Actor Life Career Journey:

JC Lin, otherwise called Lin Cheng Xi,, Lin Zhe Xi, and J.C. Lin, is a Taiwanese entertainer and model.

Since his presentation in 2017, he has rapidly earned respect for his ability and flexibility in media outlets.

Debut and Early Works:

JC Lin’s acting cycle began in 2017, And in 2018, he made his acting debut in the show “The Oncoming Through.”

Despite the fact that his career was still in its infancy,he exhibited his actual potential and grabbed the eye of spectators and pundits the same.

Notable Works:

JC Lin’s filmography flaunts a few extraordinary works that have displayed his reach as an entertainer.

Some of his noteworthy works include “The Day to Pick” (2016), “The Scoundrels” (2018), “The World Between Us” (2019), “Greater part” (2021), and “The Last Material.”

These tasks permitted him to grandstand his acting ability and further harden his situation in the business.

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Recent Projects:

In 2022, JC Lin appeared in the drama “No Regrets in Life” as Bi Jia Da, displaying his ability to take on diverse roles.

The following year, he starred in the dramas “At the Moment” as Joe and “What the Hell is Love” as Luo Yi Fan.

These projects highlighted his versatility and commitment to exploring different genres in the entertainment streaming industry.

Current Endeavors:

“Let’s Talk About Chu” (2024), in which he portrayed Yu Sen alongside Chan Tzu-hsuan, is JC Lin’s most recent Korean drama.

This venture permitted him to team up with global gifts and grow his viewpoints as an entertainer.

JC Lin keeps on testing himself and pushes limits in his profession, continually looking for new chances to develop and advance.

Modeling and Social Media Presence:

He actually attracts fans by creating a fan base through virtual amusement stages, particularly on Instagram, where he can be found under the handle @jclin0000.

Through his web-based entertainment presence, he posts refreshes, connects with fans, and furnishes fans with a brief look into his own and proficient life. 

JC Lin Entertainer Level, Weight and Estimations

Age: 32 Years Old

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch

Weight: 70 KG

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Style: Curly

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Brown

Tattoo: No

JC Lin Net Worth

The absolute total assets of JC Lin is $300k – $800k (Approx.) as of 2024.

JC Lin Movies & TV Series List:

  • 2024: Let’s Talk About Chu as Yu Sen.
  • 2023: At the Moment as Joe.
  • 2023: What the Hell is Love as Luo Yi Fan.
  • 2022: No Regrets in Life as Bi Jia Da.

Social Media Profiles

Instagram: @jclin0000

Facebook: @jclin0000

Twitter: @biojcnlin

Youtube: @Jclinact

Wikipedia: Wiki/Jclin-Actor/

IMDb: /Bio/Jclin-Actor/

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Q. What is the age of actor JC Lin?

JC Lin is 32 years old.

Q. Is JC Lin married?

No, JC Lin is not married.

Q. Who is JC Lin’s girlfriend?

JC Lin is engaged to his girlfriend Cindy.

Q. What are JC Lin’s notable dramas?

Some of JC Lin’s remarkable dramatizations incorporate “We should Discuss Chu”, “Right now”, and “What in blazes is Love”.


JC Lin’s vocation process as an entertainer has been set apart by his ability, adaptability, and devotion to his art.

From his introduction to his new undertakings, he has exhibited his capacity to take on assorted jobs and investigate various sorts.

JC Lin continues to make an impact on the entertainment industry that will last a lifetime thanks to a growing following of admirers who value his hard work.


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