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After experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic and its global repercussions, safety and health are more important than ever before. You may be more conscious of how frequently you cleanse your hands, wipe down tables, and clean items that have been in contact with multiple people. The primary concern is whether or not you are doing it appropriately, especially for your business.

There are numerous products on the market that claim to be capable of eradicating virtually all pathogens and viruses. However, it is difficult to determine whether they truly aid the world or inflict more harm than they explain. Numerous cleansers contain chemicals that, while effective at eradicating germs, also emit harmful compounds that can be ingested. In addition, not all of these cleansers are capable of penetrating certain materials, making their cleaning more difficult. 

This is why it is important to be more aware of the compounds used when cleaning a space or various objects; ozone gas is one effective method. ZONO Technologies, for example, has designed devices such as the ozone cabinet to keep frequently used items clean for extended periods of time while mitigating their environmental impact.

Even though the term “ozone” is commonly associated with climate change, many aspects of this cleansing method will make you feel more at ease when using products that have undergone a cleaning cycle. After discovering the benefits, you will never again use aerosols or detergents. 

What Specifically Is Ozone?

It is normal to feel apprehensive before using a brand-new product. Other than asking questions, how would you know what to anticipate? Obviously, you should never use something that could be hazardous. Fortunately, this is not an issue when utilizing an ozone cabinet. 

Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidant considered one of the most effective sanitation treatments currently available. It is frequently used to maintain pool and drinking water quality. It is now known to be resistant to a broad range of microorganisms and to be able to penetrate deeply through tough fabrics and layers, making it ideal for durable products such as sports jerseys and cushioned matting.

The Benefits of Ozone

Participating in the cause and employing a ZONO Technologies device will afford you the following advantages:

Spend Less Cash

When it comes to utilizing any new technology, the amount of energy it utilizes is a significant concern, primarily because the effects will be reflected on your monthly electricity bill. When cleaning items with a washing machine and dryer, you will need to operate the devices for over an hour and complete numerous cycles. This frequently results in the loss of hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

If you use an ozone cabinet, your items will be cleaned in under forty minutes. Additionally, ZONO Technologies has created devices that use less than one ounce of water and three cents of electricity per use. In contrast, a standard washing machine requires up to 20 gallons of water and at least six cents of electricity per load. 

Less Waste

When it is time to clean a variety of objects, it is necessary to use a diversity of materials. Suppose you are wiping down a table. How many wipes or bars of detergent are required to accomplish the task? When you’re done with these items, you throw them away, resulting in a large quantity of waste that ends up in landfills and pollutes the environment. 

Alternatively, installing a cabinet where you can store virtually anything can save you money on additional cleaning supplies. It will give you more time to perform other essential tasks, allowing you to complete your assignments faster. 

There is no need to pre-rinse products prior to placing them in an ozone cabinet, as the device is capable of removing even the most stubborn contaminants. Even after the cycle is complete, you will observe that nothing requires air-drying.

Fewer Hazardous Emissions

Spray disinfectants are a common method of cleansing. Although aerosols claim to eliminate a large number of microorganisms, they are harmful to the environment. When sprayed, they can interact with clouds and reduce the amount of water particles they contain, leading to less precipitation. 

In addition, numerous cleaners contain hazardous substances such as sodium hydroxide and sulfates. Ozone devices utilize ozone gas exclusively and nothing else. This means that your cleaning process is wholly natural, and you can use the cabinet frequently without worrying about your impact on the environment.

What Other Services Does ZONO Technologies Offer?

Now that you are aware of the cleansing benefits of ozone, you may be more inclined to use it when sanitizing or disinfecting your workplace. ZONO Technologies is one of the most exceptional solutions available, having been lauded by a variety of industries and even NASA. 

Since 2009, the ZONO Technologies team has diligently investigated the most effective methods for keeping the world pure. Beginning with the intention of keeping sports equipment sanitary, their technology has since been implemented in hospitals, daycare centers, and manufacturing facilities, among many others. Currently, they are growing and facilitating more people while educating themselves on cleaning options. ZONO Technologies began in a garage and is presently utilized at Johnson Space Center to clean spacesuits. 

In addition to their standard SC1 Single Door sanitizing cabinet, larger cabinets are available for more efficient cleansing of additional types of health hazards. For instance, the SC2 Double Door Cabinet can eradicate lice and bedbugs, making it ideal for use in hospitals and senior living facilities. In contrast, its Double Deep sibling is appropriate for sporting equipment because it can support greater weights and perform more frequent duties.

ZONO Technologies also provides funding for childcare facilities that require assistance to invest in one because they want to ensure that the youngest members of society are catered for adequately. Their website,, also contains information on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds that could assist them with various cleansing procedures. 

Maintaining one’s health is the most essential priority. This enables you to live a better existence and engage in more activities you enjoy. Substitute ozone for artificially scented cleaning sprays for a more thorough cleansing method. You will not only protect the customers of your business but also the environment around you. 


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