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Hydraulic cylinders are crucial in various sectors, from manufacturing and construction to aerospace and agriculture. They are essential in transforming hydraulic force into mechanical force, enabling precise movement or control of heavyweights. Long stroke hydraulic cylinders are one of the many types of hydraulic cylinders, and they have certain benefits that make them indispensable in certain applications. 

These benefits and the circumstances in which long stroke hydraulic cylinders are desired will be covered in this article.

Extended Range of Motion

Long stroke hydraulic cylinders, especially double-acting high-tonnage cylinders, have an extended range of motion, one of its most noticeable benefits. Long stroke cylinders have substantially longer travel distances than short stroke cylinders, with a limited range of motion. Therefore, they are ideal for jobs requiring a wide range of motion, such as large structures, bridges, or dam gates. 

Long stroke cylinders, including double-acting high-tonnage cylinders, provide the necessary reach to perform tasks efficiently and accurately, reducing the need for multiple short strokes.

Reduced Installation Complexity

Long stroke hydraulic cylinders can simplify installation and save valuable time and resources. When working with short stroke cylinders, multiple units may be required to achieve the desired motion, complicating the setup and increasing the risk of misalignment. In contrast, long stroke cylinders often require fewer components and less space, streamlining the installation process and reducing the potential for errors.

Enhanced Precision and Control

Precision is critical in many hydraulic applications, and RR-Series long stroke hydraulic cylinders excel in this regard. Their extended range of motion allows for finer control and more accurate positioning of heavy loads. This precision is especially beneficial in tasks such as material handling, where the slightest deviation can lead to damage or accidents. RR-Series long stroke cylinders enable operators to easily make minute adjustments, contributing to safer and more efficient operations.

Energy Efficiency

Hydraulic cylinders with long strokes have the potential to be more energy-efficient than those with short strokes. By reducing the number of cycles needed to complete a task, the longer stroke length can lead to energy savings. Additionally, long stroke cylinders frequently feature larger piston diameters, allowing them to produce the same force with less pressure, hence consuming less energy and costing less to operate.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Long stroke hydraulic cylinders have longer strokes, which can lead to less abrasion on the cylinder and its related parts. Fewer cycles are needed to complete a task, which puts less stress on the components and increases durability and service life. In industries where downtime for maintenance and replacement is expensive, its longevity is especially useful.

The Extended Reach

Long stroke hydraulic cylinders are necessary in some applications due to their benefits. They are suited for applications where other cylinder types could fall short due to their increased range of motion, decreased installation complexity, improved precision, and energy efficiency.

The advantages of long stroke cylinders are undeniable, making them a significant option for engineers and businesses trying to improve their hydraulic systems, regardless of the industry—construction, manufacturing, agriculture, or any other. The benefits of long stroke hydraulic cylinders will become more obvious as technology develops, increasing their use in various industries.


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