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LASIK eye surgery is the ground breaking operation that has improved the vision of a countless people. It is a becoming a common practice in India with over 100000 people undergoing this treatment.

One of the most prevalent concerns people have when considering LASIK eye surgery is the potential for pain and discomfort. Furthermore LASIK surgery cost has been always been a significant concern, but not anymore! To get the answers, continue reading!

What is LASIK Eye Surgery? 1

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is a minimally invasive treatment that reshapes the cornea (transparent front section of the eye) to improve vision. The procedure is intended to rectify refractive abnormalities that cause hazy vision. Moreover, the procedure aims to reduce or eradicate the need for spectacles or contact lenses.

Here’s the overview of how LASIK eye surgery works:

● Anaesthetic Eye Drops: Numbing eye drops are used before LASIK eye surgery to ensure you do not experience any pain.
● Flap Creation: A thin flap on the cornea is created by a laser. This flap is gradually raised to gain exposure to the underlying corneal tissue.
● Reshaping the Cornea: A very precise laser removes a small amount of corneal tissue is removed using a very precise laser. This alter the shape of the cornea and corrects an refractive error.
● Flap Repositioning: After the cornea is reshaped, the flap is gently reinstalled to act as a natural bandage. The changed curvature of the cornea enables light to concentrate on the retina.

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt? 2

LASIK eye surgery is generally not considered painful, but some individuals may experience discomfort or minor sensations during and after the treatment. Overall, LASIK is intended to be a painless and comfortable surgery for patients. Let’s explore why:

● Numbing Eye Drops: Using anaesthetic eye drops before surgery guarantees that the eye is numbed.
● Minimal Discomfort: While you may feel pressure or the sense of something touching your eye during the operation, you should not feel any pain. Most patients experience relatively minor discomfort.
● Quick Procedure: LASIK eye surgery is a relatively quick procedure. It usually requires roughly 15 minutes for both eyes. The procedure’s brief duration helps to reduce any potential discomfort.

Post-Surgery Measures 3

Post-operative care is critical for a smooth and successful recovery following LASIK eye surgery. While LASIK is generally safe and effective, appropriate aftercare reduces complications and assures maximum healing. Here are some crucial post-LASIK surgery precautions to take:

● Rest: Avoid activities that strain your eyes, such as reading, using electronic devices, or watching television. This permits your eyes to recover without stress.
● Follow Medication Directions: Your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eye drops. To avoid infection and minimise irritation, strictly adhere to the suggested schedule and dosage.
● Wear a Protective Eyewear to protect your eyes from bright light and debris. This can help you avoid putting undue strain on your recovering eyes.
● Keep Your Eyes Clean: You may need to gently clean your eyes with a sterile saline solution.
● Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: Refrain from touching or rubbing your eyes. This can displace the corneal flap or irritate the healing tissue.
● No Makeup or Creams: To avoid irritation or infection, avoid using makeup, lotions, and creams around your eyes for a few days.

Potential Side Effects 4

It is critical to be the aware of the possible side effect of LASIK eye surgery. Before undergoing the operation its advised to have a comprehensive discussion with you eye surgeon. The following are the some of the possible adverse effects of LASIK surgery:

● Dry Eyes: This is the most common side effect of LASIK eye surgery. The procedure can cause a temporary disruption in the regular tear production process. This can result in dryness, discomfort, and a gritty sensation. Dry eyes usually improve with time and can be handled with lubricating eye drops.
● Visual Disturbances: Some patients, especially at night, may have visual disturbances such as glare, halos, and starbursts around lights. These effects are usually temporary but can last a few weeks to months.
● Fluctuations in Eyesight: It is common to have fluctuations in eyesight when the eyes are recovering. Initially, your vision may be blurry or fuzzy. It may require some time to stabilise and reach its full potential.
● Corneal Flap Complications: Complications associated with flap creation can occur in rare circumstances. Flap displacement, epithelial ingrowth (cells developing under the flap), and flap wrinkles.
● Infection: Although uncommon, an eye infection can occur following LASIK eye surgery. Adherence to your doctor’s instructions and proper post-operative care can help reduce this risk.
● Corneal Haze: Some patients may develop corneal haze, a clouding of the cornea. This can impair eyesight clarity and may necessitate extra treatment.

LASIK Surgery Cost 5

In India the LASIK surgery cost ranges from about INR 45000 to INR 130000 or more. It is vital to note that the is only an approximate estimate. Individual considering LASIK eye surgery should be speak with an eye doctor to acquire precise and individualied cost information based on the specific needs and circumstances.

Several factors can directly impact the LASIK surgery cost. This includes:

● Type of LASIK procedure
● Technology and equipment used
● Reputation and location of the eye clinic
● Experience and expertise of the surgeon
● Pre-operative evaluations and post-operative care
● Additional services included in the package
● Customisation and advanced features
● The need for enhancements or touch-up procedures
● Administrative and overhead costs associated with the clinic
● Geographic location and city

The chart listed below shows the cost breakdown of LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK Expenses Cost Breakup (INR)
Doctor Consultation Fee Rs. 600
OPD Fee Rs. 600
Diagnosis Tests Rs. 2,500
Procedure Cost Rs. 45,000
Medicine Cost Rs. 2,000


LASIK is a common and sophisticated surgical treatment used to treat a variety of vision disorders. Technological advancements, precision surgical techniques, and numbing drops all help make LASIK eye surgery a safe and pain-free procedure.

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