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Mark Ruffalo, the renowned actor, producer, and passionate advocate for social and environmental causes, is a multifaceted figure in the world of entertainment. Born on November 22, 1967, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Ruffalo’s journey to stardom is marked not only by his remarkable acting talent but also by his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world. From his early beginnings in the theater to becoming a household name in Hollywood, Ruffalo’s career has been a testament to his dedication and versatility. Mark Ruffalo Height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Beyond the silver screen, he has taken on the role of a vocal activist, using his platform to champion crucial issues such as climate change awareness, renewable energy, and social justice. So This introduction offers a glimpse into the life of Mark Ruffalo, a man who seamlessly combines his artistic prowess with a profound sense of responsibility toward the greater good.

Mark Ruffalo Height

Mark Ruffalo Bio Data:

Real NameMark Ruffalo
Birth PlaceKenosha, Wisconsin
Date of BirthNovember 22, 1967
HometownKenosha, Wisconsin
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius

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Mark Ruffalo Family & Personal Life:

Mark Ruffalo Height

Mark Ruffalo’s family is root in his working-class upbringing and remains an important source of support and inspiration in his life. So Born to Frank Lawrence Ruffalo Jr., a construction painter, and Marie Rose (née Hebert), a stylist and hairdresser, Ruffalo has always cherished his familial bonds. In his personal life, he is a devoted family man, sharing his life with his wife, actress Sunrise Coigney, and their three children, Keen, Bella Noche, and Odette. So This close knit family unit provides a sense of balance and grounding for Mark Ruffalo amidst the demands of his career and his passionate advocacy for causes close to his heart.

WifeSunrise Coigney (m. 2000)
FatherFrank Lawrence Ruffalo, Jr
MotherMarie Rose
SisterTania, Nicole
Marital StatusMarried

Mark Ruffalo Physical Stats & More:

Height5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
ProfessionActor, Film Director, Film Producer, Journalist
75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Some Lesser Known Facts About Mark Ruffalo ?

Early Struggles: Before finding success in acting, Mark Ruffalo worked a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet. He was a bartender, a doorman, and even worked in a chemical factory.

Close Call with Stardom: Ruffalo was initially consider for the role of Dominic Toretto in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, which eventually went to Vin Diesel. So the could have been a game-changer for his career, but Ruffalo’s path to stardom took a different route.

Academic Pursuits: While attending college in Los Angeles, Ruffalo briefly studied theology. His academic interests were diverse, reflecting his inquisitive nature.

On-Set Ad-Lib: Ruffalo is known for his improvisational skills. One of his most iconic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Hulk, “Puny god,” was actually an ad-lib during filming.

Environmental Activism Roots: Ruffalo’s passion for environmental causes is deeply personal. He was inspired by his mother, who live near a toxic waste site and experience health issues related to it. This childhood experience fueled his dedication to environmental activism.

Personal Health Struggles: Mark Ruffalo is a cancer survivor. He was diagnose with a brain tumor in 2001 but successfully underwent surgery and treatment to overcome it.

Twin Connection: Ruffalo has a twin brother named Scott. So who is less known to the public. Scott Ruffalo was a successful hairdresser in Beverly Hills but tragically passed away in 2008.

Artistic Skills: In addition to acting, Mark Ruffalo Height is also a talented painter. He has occasionally exhibited his artwork in galleries.


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