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For some people, managing a high can be a difficult dance that can be extremely annoying.  From the dry eyes, to dry mouth, to some sheer panic induced by a high, there are several issues that can arise. 

This is where it is extremely important to take time in learning how your body reacts to marijuana.  Not every reaction is going to be entirely positive despite the array of positive effects that help people reduce stress and decrease pain.

Managing a high takes time and practice which means that this process is going to take a bit before you find what works best for you.  To help in this process, here are some of the top techniques when it comes to managing your high. 

Test the THC

Every strain of THC has a different way that it can hit you.  In other words, if you jump from Afghani to Girl Scout Cookies, you are going to have two completely different highs.

This is where testing your THC comes into play.  This does depend on what kind of strains you are using which are often listed in high quality edibles and resins.  Lower quality mixes multiple kinds of strains from the same species into a single dose.  

When it comes down to it, you can’t test THC any other way than actually taking what you have bought.  Start out at a quarter or half dose before jumping into a full dose so that you have an idea of what to expect.  

It can take several days to determine your resistance, how the THC will affect you, what kind of high you will have, and what symptoms are going to pop up.


A personal favorite, microdosing, in this writer’s opinion, is the best way to go when it comes to managing a high.  Instead of jumping in head first to the THC game, this technique lets you take it little by little until you start to really feel the high.

With microdosing, the goal is to get as many of the positive side effects going for you in your body before the negative side effects start to hit at uncontrollable levels.  Once you hit the too high point, it can be really difficult to come back down without a lot of assistance.  

Remember, little by little is going to give you the most accurate result on managing a high.

Water Intake and Healthy Snackage

Out of any technique, water intake is perhaps the simplest solution for managing a high.  I cannot tell you how many times I tried a new  strain and regretted it because I didn’t have water right beside me.  

Water and snacks are a great way to decrease the high because it dilutes the concentration of THC in the bloodstream by adding either nutrients or additional liquid.

Think of it this way, if you take THC while dehydrated, the high is going to hit harder because of the lower blood volume in your body.  The dry mouth and dry eyes are going to be worse because your body doesn’t have enough water to help keep things moist.

Therefore, drinking water is going to help you decrease those effects and manage a higher high.  Cool to cold water can also help recenter you if you feel like you are blasting off into the stratosphere with an overly high high!


In the same vein as food and water, taking electrolytes is a great way to get your body to rebalance when it has gone too far off into lala land.  Using brand name electrolytes is great, however there are specific blends that can really help you rebalance and come back down from a high in fifteen minutes or so.  

Try out HIBEGONE today to see how it helps you come down from that frightening high.  It’s something that I suggest everyone keep at least two bottles of in their stash.  You never know when something new is going to hit you out of the blue.


Just like HIBEGONE uses, there are additional products that have higher concentrations of THCV which is known to decrease the feelings of being high as well as hunger issues.  There are some marijuana strains that are higher in this compound which means that they have better positive side effects and lower chances of psychoactive effects.


No matter what method or strain you decide to use, it is important to remember that there are always solutions to a high that gets out of hand.  As always, if you ever feel like you are in danger, it is important to call the authorities and ensure that someone is aware of what is going on.  Stay high and stay safe!


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