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Your footwear can make or break an ensemble. Today, women look for shoes which feel comfortable for long hours and complement their style. That has led to the emergence of contrast sneakers – a trend which is here to stay. These shoes are a form of self-expression and work well with all outfits. So, what exactly are these women sneakers, and why are they gaining immense popularity?

We will give you a sneak peek into this mix-and-match trend to help you understand why they are at the fashion frontier today. But before we do that, let us learn a little about the expansion of footwear options – from pointy heels to comfy sneakers.

Women’s Fashion Footwear Journey

Historically, women’s footwear options were bound by gender norms. That’s why ladies were always spotted in dainty, pointy, and painful 5-inch heels. This impracticality was given the name of fashion and dragged on for ages.

Sneakers, on the other hand, were designed for athletic purposes to be worn specifically by men. There was nothing called women sneakers; if a lady was seen wearing a pair, it was deemed social misconduct.

Cut to the 1970s, sneakers evolved as a street style, and brands like Nike and Adidas released collections for both genders. Women started wearing sneakers, and the footwear became more of a mainstream choice rather than a dress code addition.

Today, women can be seen styling all kinds of shoes and rocking every look. Sneakers have become an integral part of the shoe market. Having caught every brand’s attention, sneakers are expanding in their range. Brands release new styles every season, and the current trend is “Mix and Match”.

Let us explore what this trend entails and why there is such a craze for it.

Mix and Match Women Sneakers: What’s the Craze?

How often can you style those classic white canvas shoes? Aren’t standard colours too mundane now? How about we mix solid black pants with printed canvas shoes?

These are a few of the questions women have been asking for long. There is one answer to all their questions – contrast sneakers. These stylish footwear are all about embracing different colour combinations and patterns. Brands today are playing with textures and prints to bring new looks for the ladies. The possibilities are endless, and it is all about imagination and creativity.

Here are some factors which make these contrasting women sneakers everyone’s favourite.

1.     Eye-catching

Contrast sneakers have turned into a trend to follow, and rightly so. The play of colours beautifully coming together catches everyone’s attention instantly. Take a walk wearing a pair of mix-and-match shoes everywhere, and people will look at you with admiration. It can add life to even the most monotonous outfits and revamp your final look.

2.     Versatile Pairing

You can pair colourful women sneakers with all kinds of outfits without creating an off-putting look. That’s right. They are a good choice to style with dresses, skirts, co-ords, and pants. These are also perfect for all occasions like movies, brunch dates, grocery shopping, or an event. A pair of contrast sneakers will surely steal the show.

3.     Ideal for Every Season

Contrast women sneakers are so cool that you can style them throughout the year. Pair a cool and bright-coloured pair on sunny days and go for dark prints in winter. You can easily play with colours depending on the weather and turn your ensemble into a head-turner.

4.     Uncompromised Comfort

An element of style does not necessarily mean that your shoes will not be comfortable. If you go for a good quality pair of sneakers, they will provide maximum support, breathability, and comfort. You will not have to think twice about how they will look before pairing them with your favourite outfit. If you invest in shoes from a reputable brand, they will always deliver commendable performance.

5.     Highlighted Details

The unique prints, designs, and splash of colours in women sneakers add an exciting touch to your ensemble. Their intricate detailing with stitching, logo, and overall texture make them even better. These extraordinary features uplift your outfit and prevent it from looking monotonous.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are a few styling tips that can elevate your look of the day –

  • Pair your black outfit with colourful shoes for an attractive monochromatic look.
  • Style orange stripe shoes with a blue co-ord set for colour blocking.
  • Pick shoes which are one shade darker than your apparel.


Contrast women sneakers is one of the latest beloved trends in the world of fashionistas and it is here to stay. You will find plenty of prints, colours, and styles to select from, which cater to everyone’s personal preferences and fashion sense. You can easily experiment with various combinations to suit your “look of the day”. Make sure the outfit and footwear you are choosing work well together and your final look is complete. Overall, this new fashion frontier is worth investing in as it gives you an outlet to express your unique style and personality. Discover the variety of mix-and-match women sneakers available in the market and buy the ones which resonate with you.


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